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Math Placement

Math Placement Exam Re-Take Dates
The re-takes of the Math Placement Exam will take place on January 22nd and April 7th at 2:00pm in the Learning Center.
For more information or to sign up, please contact the Learning Center.

Math Placement Exam
The math placement exam is a ninety-minute multiple-choice exam and calculator usage is not allowed. The exam assists the Learning Center in assigning new GMC students to a placement level based upon comprehension of mathematical concepts and skills. The score of the placement exam is compared with the student’s SAT and/or ACT score for a more accurate assessment of the student’s comprehension.

The following new students are required to take the GMC math placement exam:

  • Students who scored below a 490 on the math portion of the SATs or below a 21 on the math portion of the ACTs.

  •  Students who did not report a math SAT or ACT score and did not transfer in appropriate math credits.

Students who scored a 490 or higher on the math portion of the SATs or a 21 or higher on the math portion of the ACTs may opt to take the GMC math placement exam in an effort to improve their placement level.

The placement levels are as follows:


GMC Exam Score



Placement Class





Introduction to College Math





Level 3 ELA Math Class





Pre-Calculus/Intro to Statistics





Calculus I

A brief interpretation of each level is as follows:

Level 2*: Students placing at this level must successfully complete Introductory to College Math prior to taking a level 3 (ELA) math.

Level 3: Students placing at this level may take the required level 3 (ELA) math.

Level 4: Students placing at this level may take a level 4 (ELA) math. Students who need to take Calculus should take Pre-Calculus.

Level 5: Students placing at this level may take Calculus I.


*College credit is not awarded for the successful completion of Introductory to College Math. This course is offered on a pass/no pass basis (passing is a 70% (C-) or better.)

Studying for Placement Exam
Students are encouraged to study for the Math Placement Exam. Sample exam questions are provided for student use. Not all problem types/difficulty levels are represented by the sample exam problems. It is suggested that prospective students use other resources available to them to study for the placement exam, including textbooks from previous math courses. It is suggested that students study without a calculator since calculator use is not allowed during the exam.

Sample Math Placement Exam Problems
Math Placement Exam Formula Sheet
Part I - Basic Math Skills
Part II - Beginning Algebra
Part III - Intermediate Algebra
Sample Math Placement Exam Answers

Math Placement Exam Retake Policy
Students may retake the math placement exam once in an attempt to improve their math placement level. Retakes are scheduled twice each semester (once prior to the last day to add a course and once just prior to registration.) Students must contact the math coordinator if interested in signing up to retake the math placement exam.

For general information please contact the Learning Center at 287-8287

Special Accommodations for Exam
Students with documented learning disabilities who require special accommodations during the math placement exam or for more information regarding math placement, please contact:
Pam Monder
Coordinator of Accommodations
Jose M. Calhoun Learning Center

Documentation of the learning disability will be required at least 48 hours prior to the exam.

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