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Prospective Students

Questions you should ask:

    Admissions Application
  • What kind of paperwork do I have to send in with my application?
  • Do SAT scores count heavily toward my admission?
  • Does my high school GPA count heavily toward my admission?
  • If I have documentation of a disability, should I send that with my application? Should I send my IEP?
  • What is the cost for room and board?
  • Are there college-based sources for scholarships and other financial aid? How can I apply?
  • Are used books available?
  • Are jobs available on campus? Work-study? Non work-study?
    Housing & Security
  • Do first year students have a separate dormitory?
  • Will I share a room? What are the different housing options? May I see examples of the different options?
  • Are the dormitories secured against intruders?
  • Is campus security staffed with professionals?
  • What is the incidence of campus crime? (Break-ins, physical violence, drug/alcohol abuse, etc.)
  • Are these incidences handled by campus security or are outside agencies involved?
  • Does the college have my intended major?
  • Will I have an advisor?
  • When will I meet my advisor?
  • When can I register for classes?
  • Can I sit in on a class?
  • If I have a disability, who should I contact and what are the accommodation policies?
    Places you should know:
  • Financial Aid
  • Registrar
  • Library
  • Career Services
  • Academic Support Services
  • Wellness Center (infirmary, counselors)
  • Mail Room
  • Campus Book Store
  • Student Life
    People you should meet:
  • Admissions Counselor
  • Registrar
  • Dean of Student Life
  • Financial Aid Director
  • Director of Academic Support
  • Department Chair or Dean (of the area you are intending to major in)
  • Resident Assistant
  • Coach (if you are an athlete)
  • Students
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