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Student Clubs

Green Mountain College offers many opportunities to get involved outside of the classroom. There are dozens of student clubs and organizations, including an International Awareness Club, a Slow Foods Chapter, a Karate Club, and many more. GMC encourages students to pursue their interests: If you don’t find a club that suits your interests, start one up!

Clubs/Organizations/Club Sports

Agora Philosophy Club
Philosophical discussion outside the classroom, for all interested members of the GMC community.

A capella Club

Agricultural Club

Animal Studies Club
Open to anyone interested in animals, together we will seek to understand both human-animal relations now and in the past as well as animals as beings-in-themselves separate from our knowledge of them. On top of much discussion, we will pursue opportunities for hands-on learning experience.

Bike and Ski Shop
The Bike Shop is a volunteer run organization that performs maintenance on bicycles around campus. They will soon convert to offering ski repair and maintenance services as well. Follow us on Facebook!

Bowling Club

Entrepreneurs Today
We support and organize sustainable business activities and events, such as an annual student/faculty forum (faculty forums, student presentations, etc). The club also promotes the awareness of sustainable businesses and entrepreneurship within the GMC community.

Canter Equestrian Club
Furthers students and community members' knowledge of equines and the various sports which involve them.

Chess Club

Club Activism
Promotes awareness of local and global issues educational documentaries, non-violent direct actions and other events.

Dance Party Club
Hosts and consults fun and safe dance party events on campus for all of the student body to enjoy!

DIY Club

DREAM Mentoring Club

Education Club

Flow Club

Forestry Club
Open to all students with an interest in forestry, ecology, botany, wildlife management, outdoor recreation, conservation and other aspects of natural resources management.

GMC Outdoor Recreation Alliance
Supports student development in the fields of adventure recreation and education.

Green Mountain Otaku: Anime Club
A venue for entertainment and cultural exploration through the story-telling art forms of anime, manga, and videogames.

Healers Club
This is a community of people interested in New Age spirituality. The group's ultimate purpose is to facilitate members' abilities to heal themselves, their peers, and the environment. We do this by collectively participating in the consciousness-expanding activities of yoga, meditation, energy healing, making orgonite, and creating crystal grids. Healers Club also provides an opportunity for individuals to exchange their spiritual knowledge, discussing topics such as sacred geometry, astrology, and eastern philosophies.

Helps educate the community about the health benefits of herbal remedies.

Intercultural Club

Mountain Biking Club

The Mountaineer (GMC's student newspaper)

National Society of Leadership and Success

New Folks Contra Club


Pre-Med/Pre-Vet Club
Provides information to students, faculty and the community with respect to medicine and veterinary science.

Psychology Club
This club seeks to improve students' understanding of psychology through conducting original research designed by the club, touring relevant facilities, and sharing interesting information from the field. It is a positive learning environment for all students interested in the field.

Renewable Energy & Ecological Design (REED) Club
REED Club acts as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration. We are committed to bringing together students from all different backgrounds, skill levels, and disciplines in order to deliver sustainable design and fabrication solutions to campus and the greater community.

Reverie Art and Literary Journal

Rotaract Club
Rotaract is a group of people who enjoy doing things for their community, we like to be involved and helping out is also good for developing professional skills. Our collaboration with Rotary connects to their campaigns such as the fight to end polio. Follow us on Facebook!

Shakti Tribal Dance Troupe
Provides an outlet for creative self-expression that in turn promotes genuine self-esteem and true community building.

Slow Foods Club
Slow Food is committed to its beliefs in local food, food activism, and community building! We work through workshops, skill sharing, potlucks, catering community events, and much more to bring back a strong sense of culture and community through food. This can mean supporting local farms or our very own Cerridwen Farm. In order to fulfill our mission of creating stronger communities, we love and thrive off collaboration with other on-campus organizations!

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Part of the U.S. fund for UNICEF, the Student Campaign for Child Survival this club focuses on fundraising to help children from around the world and engaging the community in international issues.

Club Sports
Men's Rugby
Women's Rugby
Ultimate Frisbee Club

Student Organizations
Club Assembly
Farm Crew
Student Senate

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