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We are the Welsh Green Dragons! Our home rests between the Green Mountains in the small town of Poultney Vermont in an even smaller liberal arts campus. The team began in 2008 as a handful of Potter fanatics and adrenaline junkies. Having once used hula hoops strung across trees as goals, we usually ended up playing between the Frisbee team and barefoot musicians. Our old jerseys consisted of hand dyed t-shirts spray painted with a student made stencil of our emblem the Welsh Green Dragon. Suffice to say, this team comes from humble beginnings.

At the first NYC World Cup (and our first with a brand new set of players), we found ourselves facing Quidditch giants. There was sweat, tears, and a little bit of blood. We ended that November weekend beaten but not down.

And now we have returned.

Our spirit is stronger than ever. As a team we’ve discovered the strength behind a group of rag-tag nerds who prefer bare feet and flannel over Ivy and pomp. Now we practice in rain and sleet, we can take and give harder hits, play faster, and our team runs like a well-oiled Firebolt. The support of our family, friends, and fans has given us the confidence and will to turn this tiny team into a whole new kind of animal. We took this spirit with us to World Cup V where our team placed 6th overall in division II. I has brought us to this new year where new players continue to make the game fun and exciting and where we hosted Fire in the Mountains to showcase not only what the school offers but to show that Quidditch still shines strong and that the spirit is still present.

We are artists, radicals, musicians, intellectuals, environmentalists, and overall liberators of the norm and we are here to let everyone know just how mighty a bunch of hippies can be. Do not be fooled by our outward appearance. Beneath the shaggy hair, Birkenstocks, and peaceful visage beat the hearts of a dragon with a powerful drive to shake things up.

We are the Green Mountain College Welsh Green Dragons.

And we bleed green.

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