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Ultimate Frisbee

Let’s face it; all who attend Green Mountain College have played Frisbee. While many do it as a casual pastime, some want to take it to the next level. Don’t get fooled by the name Ultimate Frisbee. The Flyin’ Squirrels Ultimate Frisbee Team is the ultimate club to join, is a family that has a lot of spunk, and knows how to have fun on and off the field. Yes we care to win, but no, we will not put that in front of everyone having a good laugh and walking off the field with a smile on their face.

Open to all skill levels, the Frisbee team is a place to hone all of your gnarly Frisbee throws and keep in shape. If you don’t know what it means to stay chili, cut deep, come hard, be sky’d, or what hammers, scoobers, thumbers, push passes, high releases, high release flicks, flicks, hucks, ham sandwiches, chicken wings, skips, no looks, gravity bounces, and back hands have to do with the sport of Frisbee you better come on out!

We host one home tournament every semester, our lunch is usually locally provided, we run the speakers for music off of the solar energy from the green house, have compost and recycling and have other initiatives to green our tournament.

Every Spring Break we enjoy the Georgia sun during a week-long tournament. And on top of it all we travel all over the east coast to tournaments in: Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and Montreal. We play four days a week, all year around, indoors and outdoors. But be careful once you start playing its rather hard to stop, Frisbee can be addicting.

Flying Squirrels at our home tournament with our alumni team the Fallen Squirrels

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