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InterCultural Center

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In this green place, the InterCultural Center (ICC) is committed to providing the Green Mountain College community with cross-cultural experiences by fostering inclusion and respect for all in the GMC community. The ICC also enhances and enriches the experience of the entire student body by providing opportunities to engage and educate the campus as a whole on issues related to race, gender, and sexual orientation. ICC welcomes all students interested in fostering cross-cultural communication and understanding.

International Students at Green Mountain College

We accomplish our mission by:
1. Working together with a variety of campus constituencies and encouraging ongoing dialogue on issues of cultural exchange, race, gender, and sexual orientation between students, staff, and faculty;

2. Helping to bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the campus by sponsoring various speakers and events;

3. Housing a collection of books and videos related to culture, race, gender, and sexual orientation;

4. Providing information about study abroad and travel programs available for all GMC students; and

5. Developing and implementing programs and services which celebrate diversity and enhance the GMC curriculum.

History of the GMC
InterCultural Center

The InterCultural Center (ICC) was founded by GMC student Shawn Henry in April 2007, with the mission to celebrate and promote multiculturalism. In addition, the ICC was created to improve cross-cultural experiences of all students by fostering inclusion and respect for differences. Hence, ICC aimed to serve as a base platform for cultural differences, religious diversity, various sexual orientations and any other variations among the GMC community.

With a big mission in hand ICC created its first Governing Board, comprised of Pragatee Dhakal (President), Olesea Cojohari (Vice President), Alfred Narh (Treasurer) and Elisa Morales (Secretary). In the first year, the Board took on the challenges of organizing impactful programs like presenting a speech at the Poultney High School on cultural differences, organizing the InterCultural Dinner, hosting a presentation on racial matters by one of the most influential speakers, Dr. Allan Johnson, addressing issues of gender differences and racial biases in open forums and so on.

From a small center of about 35-40 members, ICC has grown bigger and branched off by adding three different committees to its chapter: race, gender and sexual orientation, with more than 80 members at present. The InterCultural Center is proud to be an integral organization of the Green Mountain College community.

Contact Us
InterCultural Center
Green Mountain College
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Phone: 802-287-8347

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