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The Intercultural Center office is kept energetic and alive by a welcoming staff of students and the International Student Advisor.

Intercultural Governing Board

kat kehrtName: Kat Kehrt, President
Home country: NJ, USA
Major: Anthropology

Why did you choose GMC? I chose GMC because of the size and the focuses it had. When I visited for the first time, everyone was so helpful and welcoming. Everyone here is very avid about the environment and finding better, sustainable ways of living.

Why did you choose ICC? I took a year off in-between high school and college, and I went to Nepal and Ghana. I got to experience many new ways of living. I think that everyone should have some knowledge of the many different cultures that surround them. I joined the ICC because I want to help improve cross-cultural understanding at GMC.

elisaName: Elisa Morales, Vice-President
Home country: Panama, Puerto Armuelles, Chiriqui
Country: Panama

Why did you choose GMC? The reason that I chose Green Mountain College was because it seemed like it had a great learning environment for any type of student.

Why did you choose ICC? ICC is important for the GMC community because it bring together all the different cultures that are spread around campus, and it gives a sense of family and protection to those who would like to participate. I believe culture does not only mean coming from a different country, but coming from different upbringings and family backgrounds. It is important to make people realize that even though people come from the same country they have different cultures.

fijiName: Jesoni Fiji Kuruyawa, Public Relations
Home country: Rawai, Raiwaqa, Kadavu, Fiji
Major: Sociology and Anthropology

Why did you choose GMC?
GMC provides a better understanding and appreciation for the environment. This is one of the many reasons I chose GMC. Being one of the most diverse institutions made it more comfortable and enjoyable for me study.

Why did you choose ICC? I want to be part of something that will make a difference in the GMC community and impact the lives of the students and I feel that ICC is an organization that is doing practicing this. Moreover educate and inform students of other countries in the world and the many adverse difficulties that they are currently facing.

kat carvajalName: Kat Carvajal  
Home country: USA, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico 
Major: Biology

Why did you choose GMC?
It was the best environment for me to flourish in. It gave me a chance to become a better individual.

Why did you choose ICC?

I wanted to make a difference at Green Mountain and learn about so many things I haven't experienced in life already.

brittanyName: Brittany Antuna, Treasurer
Home country: CT, USA
Major: Biology

Why did you choose GMC?
I chose GMC because of the small, environmentally based, welcoming and diverse campus.

Why did you choose ICC?
Wonderful and interesting people and a very welcoming center.

sydneyName: Sydney Gard, Religion Chairperson
Home country: USA

Why did you choose GMC?

GMC is just a really awesome, fun-loving place. The campus was beautiful, the people were super nice, and it seemed like a really great place to call home for four years (and so far I am right). I didn’t know who I really was, nor did I know what I wanted to do and GMC told me that was okay. I have an entire lifetime to figure those things out, and I want have fun and laugh and learn a lot in the process.

Why did you choose ICC?
ICC is so welcoming! I had no idea what it was or what it did. To be honest, I thought I was for International Students only--because that’s all I saw, or so I thought. ICC is about bringing together so many diverse cultures, experiences, and people that you can’t help but have fun and learn something new every time you step into the ICC room or help out with a project or program. The people who are apart of ICC work so hard, and are even working harder, to bring GMC students and Poultney (or nearby) residents together and to get the mission of ICC out there! Getting out there is harder than people think, especially since everyone is on their own time schedule, but it’s happening and we have goals to strive toward for next year. This is what makes ICC such a great place: everyone is so determined (when they want to be) to do what needs to be done to make ICC a great place for anyone and everyone, everyone is equal and welcome, everyone is allowed to make mistakes and learn some things, everyone is given an opportunity to do something special for the students on and off campus as well as for the Poultney community.

asadName: Asadullah Sohail, Race Chairperson
Home country: Afghanistan
Major: Business

Why did you choose GMC?

I choose GMC because it is small and a good size college for me to go. I can communicate with my professors directly when I need help. The size of classes are small and I love it.

Why did you choose ICC?
I love to be involve in cultural activities and ICC is providing it in campus so I choose ICC to learn about other culturs and contribute about my culture to students at GMC. I believe in ICC's mission.

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