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Student Government Association

Student Senate:
Student Senate is a branch of the Student Government Association and is comprised of students elected by popular vote. Student Senate represents the student body of Green Mountain College and has the following purposes:

  • To serve as representation of and voice to the students of Green Mountain College in order to maintain communication between the student body, faculty, staff, and administration.

  • To enhance student involvement and leadership opportunities through creation of programs and activities for the Green Mountain College student body.

  • To take part in the decision-making process for establishing and implementing new policies at the College.

  • To oversee the guiding principles and policies enclosed within Green Mountain College Student Handbook.

  • To work directly with Residence Life in nominating members to Green Mountain College Judicial Review Board.

  • To work directly with Student Assembly to properly distribute the Student Activity Fee Budget.

  • To nominate students to the different standing committees at the College.

Student Assembly:
Student Assembly is a branch of the Student Government Association and is comprised of one representative from every school-sponsored club and is led by an executive board elected by popular vote held within Student Assembly. Student Assembly has the following purposes:

  • Administering club creation, upkeep, and funding.

  • Increasing student involvement in clubs and activities.

  • Administer funding for student initiatives through the Student Assembly Contingency Fund.

Feel free to contact the Student Assembly by email. For a list of clubs and club-related forms visit myGMC Student Life here.

SGA Constitution
Student Senate Election Bylaws

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