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Student Leader Profiles

Steph Folsom
I am going to be a second-semester sophomore at GMC and am currently studying secondary education and history with a minor in anthropology. I am from central Massachusetts, and have spent my entire conscious life in a suburb of Worcester called Shrewsbury. When I first visited GMC, I immediately felt welcomed not only by the admissions staff but by the entire student body. Each person I passed during my visit smiled and waved and many people asked me who I was, how I was doing and seemed genuinely interested. GMC´s student body is similar to a giant extended family and I simply feel at home when I am there. Furthermore, most faculty are extremely interested in the subjects they teach and are eager to help you outside of the classroom. The town is small enough to explore on a bike in a day or two, and the people are, on average, just as friendly as the student body. There are several opportunities to become extremely engaged in both the school and town of Poultney, Vermont and many students have connections all throughout the county. The small school/small town feel is very warm and welcoming, even during the long winters.

Marjuk Ahmad
I am Marjuk, an international student from Bangladesh at Green Mountain College. I always wanted to study at a small liberal arts school that sees the role of education as a way to live life. Upon completing my freshman year here, I can tell that GMC cares about a student's understanding of life and the world and helps prepare us to be better citizens of the world each day. My first-year college experience would not have been as be as fulfilling as it is now without the friendship, support, and guidance from seniors, staff and faculty. A basic feature of the GMC experience is its inclusiveness, care, and support. This is why I feel it's my responsibility to pass on the support and knowledge to the incoming freshmen so that their college experience becomes even more fulfilling than mine. Also, I believe in the concept of "together we grow up." I will learn from them, and they will learn from me. Together we will build the "Green Mountain College" family.

Hannah Davis
My name is Hannah Davis and I’m a sophomore from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I came to Green Mountain College because I’m very passionate about sustainability and the arts. To me, the best thing about GMC is the community; both the students and the faculty are friendly, outgoing and extremely enthusiastic about their areas of study. I hope that, through FYI, I can help introduce new students to this aspect of the Green Mountain College community, as well as learn more about Poultney itself. I look forward to working with upcoming freshmen and helping them build relationships that will last them their four years in the GMC and Poultney communities.

Chris Weslosky
My name is Chris Weslosky and I will be a junior at Green Mountain College this upcoming fall semester. I am from Washington, a small town in northwestern New Jersey and I have lived there all my life. Originally I came to GMC for the adventure education program, but since being here for a full year now, I have decided to enter the REED program with a concentration in adventure ed. I really enjoy the small, tight-knit community of GMC and the Poultney area because it makes me feel like I can be involved in anything. It’s an exciting opportunity for me to be an FYI Leader because I enjoy meeting new people and spreading the knowledge I've acquired about the school and town to others. This program could be extremely beneficial to first year students because it introduces the college and the surrounding area. Students will become more comfortable with their surroundings before classes get underway and will have a better idea of what types of activities are around them. Also, I feel the idea of volunteer service learning is an excellent way to give back to the community as well as integrate outside life with the college life.

Mariama Sylla
My name is Mariama Sylla, I am from West African Sierra Leone. I came to Green Mountain College because when I came to visit I felt like I belonged here—the people were amazing and friendly. I said to myself "this the community where I will like to spend my four years of college." I like the nature around the campus, especially the river. I love how the place makes me feel like I belong and gives me hope that I can make a difference. I look forward to FYI, because I think it is going to help first year students by getting them involved, meeting new people, and getting to know more about Poultney. I am really looking forward to this!

Russell Stone
My name is Russell Stone. I am from Paxton, Massachusetts. I have spent my entire college career here at Green Mountain College. I came to GMC for the Adventure Education program and it's environmental mission. A year later, one of GMC's professors enticed me to rethink what I truly wanted out of life. This led to my decision to change my major to communication studies and I couldn't be happier. Now I am a second semester junior who is excited to live the life he has created for himself. Green Mountain College is and will continue to be an extremely unique place. The sense of community, friendship, and love that abides at Green Mountain College is something that you will rarely find anywhere else in this world. That is exactly why I have chosen to take a leadership role in First Year Impressions (FYI!). Green Mountain College has given me a new passion for life that has kept me in pursuit my dreams ever since I arrived. I am incredibly excited to share this experience and passion with new students this upcoming fall.

Program Coordinator

José Gálvez
José Gálvez is a proud native citizen of La Ceiba, Honduras. He came to the United States when he was awarded the Make-a-Difference Scholarship by Green Mountain College in 2007 for his enthusiasm, leadership and active involvement in numerous community service projects. These projects ranged from volunteering and organizing projects for the betterment of his city to serving as an English translator for medical brigades. José now works for the college as the Outreach Coordinator for Sustainable Community Development in the Sustainability Office. He works closely with faculty, staff, and students at GMC and with local citizens and organizations in Poultney. Additionally, he is pursing a masters in environmental law and policy with a focus in climate change at Vermont Law School. José is passionate about the environment, sustainable communities, human rights and political activism. He is strategic, a planner, a leader, and a true organizer. In the past, he served as a Regional Coordinator and Fall Fellow for Organizing for America. He loves to dance, think, and dream about a better future for the world. So, if you see him around campus, say “hi” because he is looking forward to meeting you with a smile!
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