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Resident Assistants

Alyssa Renner Alyssa Renner

I am an Anthropology/Sociology major with a great passion for natural and Traditional Medicine. On the side, I enjoy belly dancing and spending time with friends and family. As my third year working as a Resident Assistant, I have grown as a leader in the GMC community by being a supportive and available presence for students. It is important to cultivate a respectful and fun living environment for residents.

Jensen Morgan

Double major in REED and Sustainable Communities- “Green Mountain College is one of the most unique and powerful places I've ever lived in. The people here are passionate, creative, intelligent, and one-of-a-kind. I love having the opportunity to get to know more of the students here working with Residence Life, I'm pretty lucky."

Zachary Killian

Zachary Killian is currently a Senior at the college and has been a Resident Assistant since the fall semester of his sophomore year. He is an Elementary Education major at the college with a focus in English. Zak's involvement on campus includes being an active member of the Quidditch team and DREAM mentoring program. Zak strives to make himself accessible to his residents and enjoys creating fun floor programs for them. After College Zak hopes to stay in Vermont either through working in Education or Residence Life.

Jack Hepburn

I am a junior majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Policy. This year I became a peer tutor and joined the tennis team. The thing I like most about GMC is the laid back vibe. My intramural team called “Bring the Juice” dominates every sport we play. I love biscuits and sitting at the stump. One day myself and Nate “Rook” Laymon will ride the tandem bike across the country. CO-founder of Ripcity.

Maryann Arterbridge

When I decided to transfer to Green Mountain College as a sophomore last year I had no idea that this place would change my outlook on the rest of my life. Since being here I have changed my career path to wildlife conservation and started playing quidditch! Changing lives is the whole reason I decided to be an RA; it is my hope that I can help keep students safe and maybe even give them a push towards chasing their own dreams.

Chukwuemeka Ugorji

I am a Nigerian International student with a strong interest for sustainable development and public health. I am a biology major with a minor in chemistry who is very passionate about family, arts, knowledge and sports. During my spare time I captain the Men's varsity soccer team and am a member of the yearbook committee, UNICEF club. Model United Nations Club, and am a current floor Liaison for the senior living floor on the 4th floor of Moses. As an RA I enjoy the fact that I can let my outgoing personality be put into use helping students have safe fun while creating a stable community.

Natalie House

I'm a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Communications Studies. I'm also a passionate member of Activism Club at GMC and ultimately want to pursue a career that addresses issues of environmental justice and systematic oppression. Other interests of mine include hiking, biking, spending time with friends and family, watching films, and experiencing urban culture in different cities. As an RA I strive to be a friendly face on campus and am here to help!


Hey, I am Corey Fletcher, better known as Fletch. I am the Resident Assistant for Cree Second and is a Philadelphia Native. Green Mountain College has been by far one of the best choices that I made in my life. I am a sophomore studying Sustainable Business while concentrating in Education and Entrepreneurship. I currently consider myself a social entrepreneur because of my individual mission, which is to serve the community through education and initiative. I am an exciting and fun person to be around, and a majority of the time people will hear me laughing or singing before they actually see me. I love to talk to people and build relationships with students so that everyone can feel welcomed.

Nate "Rook" Layman

Balancing is the word that describes my college life. I started my career as an RA in the fall of 2013, and also participate in athletics here at GMC. I major in Natural Resource Management, and love enjoying the outdoors, especially snowboarding. Green Mountain College is a place where students are able to open up and be themselves. GMC is a one of kind college where different groups of people are able to interact.

Matthias Baudinet

I am a History major and part of the Class of 2015. I take great pride in being born in France. I love sports and traveling. I enjoy learning languages and tasting new cultural foods. Most importantly, I love my friends and family. I am the current Junior Representative in Student Senate and I am involved in many clubs on campus. I like being an outlet for students, and helping them get the best out of the years they will bet in college. Being an RA allows me expand my skills as a future member of the workforce and this is something that I am very thankful for.

Allan Michel Jales Coutinho

Allan is an international student from Brazil and currently a Make-a-Difference scholar at Green Mountain College. Always willing to build strong connections with people and create a social sustainable environment for those around him, Allan has passionately worked as a Resident Assistant for Residence Life since fall 2013. Known as a proactive leader on Campus and an intrinsic learner, Allan strongly relates his job to his life philosophy: "I've always worked for the betterment of my community, either here in Green Mountain College or back home. Giving and sharing are indeed the most powerful actions for personal growth and public advancement. I will never stop serving others."

Ahniyah-Hiwot Kebede

My name is Ahniyah-Hiwot Kebede and I am currently a junior, double majoring in Sustainable Business and Communication. I chose to be an RA because I enjoy engaging with students in diverse conversation to increase awareness of multicultural issues and I really like helping people. This semester I am involved in many clubs like ICC, Model United Nation Club and I’m the Finance Manager at The Coffee House. I am currently the RA for Moses 3rd all girls floor. My interests include traveling, going for a long run, watching movies and knitting.

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your gear to failure” - Bill Cosby

Natasha Kacoroski

Natasha is a new addition to the Residence Life Staff this year, but experienced to Green Mountain College campus life. A Senior Progressive Program Scholar majoring in Biology, Natasha incorporates extracurricular activities into her studies, such as working at The Champlain Valley Native Plant Restoration Nursery, and assisting professors with research. Natasha also enjoys playing the Welsh Folk Harp and volunteering as an EMT-B and fire fighter. Natasha loves being a Resident Assistant because it gives her another opportunity to serve her community.

Luz Guel

I am double majoring in Natural Resource Management and Environmental Studies with concentrations in Law and Policy and Environmental Education. I am the Resident Assistant for North Third and I am from Mexico. Everyone knows me for my outgoing personality so I am always open to meeting new people and happen to be involved in many activities on and off campus. One of my favorite jobs is working for Admissions as a Student Ambassador where I give campus tours to new incoming students. Also, I am currently working with Migrant Justice, which is a Vermont organization that provides resources and campaigns to bring rights to Hispanic Migrant Workers. One of my biggest accomplishments here in GMC has been teaching the President of the college, Paul Fonteyn, to longboard. As an RA, I strive to not only be a role model but a friend that students can come to whenever they are in need.

Swe Oo

I am an international student from Myanmar and a sophomore double majoring in Sustainable Business & Renewable Energy Eco Design. I am the RA for 2nd floor at Bogue Hall. I spend most of my free time reading books and socializing with friends. I have been a member of Intercultural club, Reed Club and Honors Students Group in Green Mountain College since my freshman. I love traveling, playing guitar, learning about different cultures, and being intellectually stimulated.

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