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Activism Floor

Location: Moses 1st

Presidents: Jess Butzke, butzke@greenmtn.edu, Titania Green, greent@greenmtn.edu

Mission: The Activism Floor is a co-ed space located on Moses first for students who are committed to learning about and acting on social and environmental justice issues.The focus of this floor is to educate each other and the community on topics pertaining to each member's interests and the interests of the campus.

Goals: The Activism Floor's goal is to create an intentional community that promotes the importance of social and environmental justice to the campus.

Floor Description: The Activism floor is located on one of the smaller floors on campus, with only 14 rooms total. The small size of our living space allows us to form a close community that is also welcoming to the rest of the campus. The Activism floor has a shared bookshelf with books of varying topics, as well as a small zine library featuring contributions by current floor members. The Floor also has a cozy nook at the end of the hall where anyone can read, study, or hang out with friends.

Requirements for Residents:
-Potential floor members must apply to the floor via application (can be found online or hardcopy).

-Applicants must attend at least one of Activism @ GMC's weekly meetings to make sure that this community is a good fit for them.

-Applicants are encouraged to take their time on the application and fill it out in a way that best demonstrates their interest in the Activism community.

-Applications will be reviewed and voted on by the entire floor near the end of each semester (unless rooms need to be filled mid-semester).

-The floor members will vote ballot-style on the new members, majority vote will decide who gets on to the floor.

-The applicant will be notified via email by either floor presidents of the final vote.

*Members of the Activism floor are expected to be fully involved in the events and meetings hosted by the floor. Although not required, members are encouraged to run at least one club meeting per school year while living on the floor.*

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