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Adventure Recreation Floor

Location: North Pit

Grand Duke (Jarl) & Viceroy: Dave Goff and Chris Thompson

About the Floor: The Adventure Recreation Floor specialty themed floor, established in 2002, is the oldest specialty floor at Green Mountain College. In the time that the floor has existed not much has changed. The floor tends to attract individuals in the Adventure Education major however there have been plenty of other majors on the floor. The floor is passionate about living life and getting on into the outdoors. As our name says, we adventure and recreate every day. It is a normal day for the floor for a group to go out skiing while another goes out mountain biking or any other activity. The floor is not just about recreating, the floor also care for the community of Green Mountain College. The Rec Floor has put on many different events for GMC such as the Gear Sale, ABC party, Meat Head Films and more. Here are some pictures of the activities that we like to do. Bylaws of the Recreation Theme Floor, Green Mountain College

Mission: Green Mountain College Adventure Recreation Floor Mission Statement 2007 It is the mission of the Green Mountain College Adventure Recreation Floor (Rec. Floor) to uphold the standards set by Green Mountain College and the goals laid out in the student handbook. “Through a wide range of liberal arts and career-focused majors, the College fosters the ideals of environmental responsibility, public service, global understanding, and lifelong intellectual, physical, and spiritual, development.” (Green Mountain College Handbook 2006-2007) We the Rec. Floor will provide those who live with us a unique opportunity to transfer “backcountry” skills such as expeditionary behavior, conflict resolution and the idea of an inclusive community to a “front country” environment. Furthermore we will provide an experience of community living, unique to current dormitory life.

As any community, we (the College) are made up of many individuals with different personalities, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and goals. As a result, it is necessary to strike a balance between an individual’s interests and actions of other members of the community. Violating this balance would make it impossible for us to live together as healthy, productive, creative, and socially responsible members of a community or society. (Green Mountain College Handbook 2006-2007 pg. 102)

With traditions such as floor wide open door policies and weekly floor community dinners, residents of the Rec. Floor will offer the opportunity to experience life skills that are dampened on other non-specialty floors. In addition, all members of the Rec. Floor are expected to participate in several community service projects per semester that assist both the campus and the village of Poultney, Vermont. We the Rec. Floor promote the belief of non-discrimination of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

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