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Substance Free Floor

Are you interested in having a substance free college experience? Are you an advocate for a drug free environment? Perhaps the third floor of Lyman, better known as the Substance Free Floor, is the place for you!

Our mission statement: "The Substance Free Floor is dedicated to providing a community for those who wish to avoid substance abuse; this includes both individuals who have experienced substance abuse themselves, and those who desire to maintain a drug free lifestyle."

The Substance Free Floor takes part in many different events within the community, such as community service, all campus events, floor events and we are always welcoming new ideas to help strengthen and tighten our bond together.

On top of all this, Lyman hall was recently refurbished and renovated, so you can expect to everything to look and feel like a brand new building! Also, new to this year: incoming freshmen are allowed to live on our floor, so do not be afraid to move right on Lyman third :)

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