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Key Roles

The College offices and personnel listed below are expected to assume various roles at the request of the EOG in an effort to provide a coordinated response to an emergency. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to ask faculty or staff to assume temporary roles as employees of the College that are outside the scope of their ordinary duties.

It is understood that if any department does not have specific roles for its personnel to carry out, then those personnel will automatically become part of a “pool” of reserve personnel to assist as assigned by those coordinating the specific emergency (i.e. Athletics, Admissions, Financial Aid). The following table describes examples of duties that various College personnel may be responsible for carrying out in the event of an emergency.

Academic Deans & Chairs Identify and resolve instructional and research issues. Coordinate necessary faculty resources.
Auxiliary Services Arrange for fit-up of temporary quarters for displaced units. Provide structural evaluations and repair estimates. Provide site and building information. Coordinate radio and pager support. Reschedule classes and public events to include off campus accommodations. Obtain emergency goods and services; include pick-up/ delivery to site of emergency. Provide courier services to policy and operations groups. Post signs and notices. Provide printed material as directed (letters to parents, posters, temporary procedures, etc.).
Athletics Coordinate use of the Waldron Athletic Complex as a staging area, open bay temporary shelter, and/or coordinate other necessary temporary facilities.
Campus Security Create temporary identification/access credentials as requested. Public safety, crowd control, evacuation, site security, and mobile communications. Liaison with on-site fire and medical command personnel.
Wellness Center Assist employees and students in coping with trauma. Provide medical support and mental health counseling. Assist in providing services to those with minor injuries and provide trauma support. Coordinate with first aid services. May be asked to assist/provide onsite medical triage.
Facilities Services Mitigate facility and grounds damages and restore to functional level. Assist Campus Security with creating a safety perimeter at the site of the emergency.
Residence Life Coordinate housing operations (including any temporary shelters).
Vice President of Student Life Office Coordinate student notification and response. Liaison with parents.
Information Technology & Auxiliary Services Coordinate temporary telephone, fax, and computer hookups. Communications: Provide "broadcast" capability for voice mail. Arrange phone bank for necessary student call-outs to family. Activate "800" number if necessary.
Communications Media coordination and spokesperson.
Chartwells Food Services Coordinate dining services for dislocated personnel and emergency workers.
College Bookstore Provide staffing to other support functions

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