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Student Handbook

The Green Mountain College Student Handbook contains policies, procedures, guidelines, rules, and resources for students to maintain responsible citizenship roles as members of a diverse College community.

The policies, rules and regulations, procedures, and Student Conduct Code contained herein apply to all Green Mountain College students whether they reside on the Poultney campus, the Lodge at Killington, or off campus.

Green Mountain College prepares students for fulfilling lives by taking the goal of creating just and sustainable communities as the unifying theme for its interdiscplinary graduate and undergraduate liberal arts education. The college fosters the ideals of environmental and personal responsibility, civic engagement, entrepreneurial spirit, and global understanding.

As emphasized by its mission statement, Green Mountain College seeks to educate the whole student intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Green Mountain College students are part of a community of learners committed to providing experiences in and outside the classroom that facilitate the full development of each person. Acknowledging individual differences and the diversity of our community, students are expected to be knowledgeable and respectful of community standards and be aware of the consequences of their actions, while being able to experience a considerable degree of personal freedom at the same time. This blend of individual freedom and social responsibility affords students the opportunity to develop life and career skills that help them become productive, responsible, and aware citizens.

To provide a climate that facilitates these goals, the following policies and community standards have been established after careful study and consideration by administrators, faculty, and students. They support the College's efforts to create an intellectually vibrant, culturally aware, and socially responsible campus community. As part of this community of learners, Green Mountain College students agree to know, accept and comply with the policies and Student Conduct Code outlined in this Handbook. This will, in turn, facilitate students' abilities to develop leadership skills, values, and creativity that will help each of them reach their personal goals and aspirations.

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