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Office of Information Technology

Computer Services
Student computer services include a Green Mountain College e-mail account, network and internet access. In order to have GMC Internet services available in a residence hall room, students will need to meet the minimum system requirements established by the Information Technology Department and purchase an approved network interface (Ethernet) card. (See this link for detailed information: Network Compatibility

Students will not incur Internet and email usage charges unless they choose to use an alternate Internet carrier. Green Mountain College assumes no liability for service. The College does restrict access to parasitic servers such as NAPSTER.

Students are responsible for routinely checking their College e-mail account. As part of new student orientation, all incoming students participate in a hands-on introduction to the College's networking facilities. The faculty and administrative staff of the College routinely communicate with students via email and students should check their College e-mail account throughout the day.

Green Mountain College Computing Policy and Code of Ethics
* Every user of Green Mountain College's computing facilities has the fundamental right to network privacy vis-à-vis other network users. Each user of the campus network is accorded the privilege of a fair share of resources, including a personal network folder, a GMC e-mail account, and a reasonable portion of shared Internet bandwidth. It is unethical for any user to violate these principles.

* Use of resources associated with College computer accounts for direct financial gain, for instance selling or commercial consulting, is unethical and not permitted.

The entire text of the College's Computing Policy and Code of Ethics is available on Information Technology's Homepage. See this link for detailed information:

Annually, every computer user on campus must sign an agreement form indicating they are familiar with and agree to uphold this Code.

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