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Disabilities Policy
It is the policy of Green Mountain College not to discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in any of its education programs, activities, services and practices, including application and admissions procedures for otherwise qualified applicants, course availability, awarding of degrees, discipline and dismissal. Educational opportunities will not be denied to an otherwise qualified student because of the need to make reasonable accommodation(s) as required by law and as requested by the qualifying student with a physical/ medical, psychological, and/or learning disability.

The goal of Disability Services, located in the Calhoun Learning Center, is to consider and arrange for reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities by coordinating support services and resources for otherwise qualified students with documented disabilities. Otherwise qualified applicants or students with physical/mental, psychological and/or learning disabilities may self-identify and seek reasonable accommodations by completing the “Self Disclosure Form for Students with Disabilities Requesting Accommodations.”

A qualifying disability may include, for example, a learning or attention disorder, or any other type of disability that substantially limits one or more of the individual's major life activities and/or substantially affects the student's ability to learn or function in a College setting. Once the disclosure form is received, a letter will be sent outlining the specific documentation that must be submitted. The student must submit documentation of their accommodation needs to the Coordinator of Accommodations who will assist in planning and coordinating a reasonable accommodation plan. The student is responsible for activating the accommodation plan and following the Learning Center's accommodation process. Accommodations are not retroactive. The Disabilities Services staff highly recommends that entering students submit this documentation prior to the commencement of classes. All relevant required documentation must be submitted to the Learning Center prior to activating an ADA Sec. 504 plan or granting any accommodations. Documentation must be current (typically less than three years old, depending on the type of disability) and should be based on adult normed diagnostic testing. While high school IEP information is helpful, it typically does not meet the criteria for activation under ADA Sec. 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The online link to the Learning Center's Homepage provides detailed information about the accommodation process and includes forms detailing required documents: and click on the link for Students with Disabilities.

The College's designated Section 504 Coordinator for students is the Coordinator of Accommodations, whose office is located in the Learning Center. The College's Section 504 Coordinator is responsible for assuring the College's compliance with laws designed to require nondiscrimination and reasonable accommodations protections for students with disabilities. Any complaints regarding the College's compliance with such laws should be directed to the Section 504 Coordinator who will review the grievance procedure with the student. If the student does not believe that an appropriate resolution has been provided after following the grievance procedure, the student may address his/her complaint to the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights, contact information for which is readily available on the internet.
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