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Skate Policy
All students and guests using rollerblades, skates, or skateboards on College property are required to use the equipment in a manner which is appropriate, considerate of others and of College property and protects their personal safety and that of others. Individuals who use equipment recklessly or without care of others or College property will be required to cease their activity and their actions will be documented. Violations will be addressed through the College's judicial procedures as outlined in the Student Conduct Code.

For reasons of personal safety, the use of rollerblades, skates, and skateboards inside any building on campus is prohibited. The use of rollerblades, skates, and skateboards is not permitted on College benches (or other outdoor furniture), curbs, or on the steps and railings of campus buildings. Applicable Noise policies in the Student Conduct Code apply.

Persons wearing rollerblades or skates or using skateboards are strongly encouraged to wear appropriate personal protection equipment (i.e. helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads). Persons engaging in these activities during hours of darkness are also encouraged to wear light-colored clothing and reflective materials.
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