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Vehicle Registration
All Green Mountain College students, employees, and contract service staff who wish to park their vehicles on campus must register the vehicles with the Campus Security Office. Campus registration will be certified by a decal affixed to the vehicle. The person who registers the vehicle for campus parking is responsible for all operation of the vehicle on campus. Any type of vehicle to be parked on campus (automobile, truck, motorcycle) must be registered with the Campus Security Office.

Green Mountain College registration decals are valid for the college year (Fall & Spring). Registrations will remain valid as long as your privilege has not been revoked. If a person changes vehicles, the new vehicle must be registered. Registration will be issued each college year (Fall & Spring).

Registration Category
1. Employees/contract services staff
2. Residential students
3. Commuter students

Each category will be identified by a distinctive decal. Registrations are no longer valid when a person is no longer a student or employee at the College. Any person whose registration category changes (i.e., resident student to commuter student) must notify the Campus Security Office to obtain a new decal to reflect the change. Failure to obtain the new decal could result in a ticket and fine.

The parking area west of the tennis courts shall be accessible to all categories of vehicle registration. It shall serve as the overflow area if other designated areas are full.

Green Mountain College is not liable for any damage to or theft from any vehicles parked on Green Mountain College properties. College community members park on-campus at their own risk and should take any necessary steps (i.e., locking doors) to secure their vehicles.

Residential Student Parking
Resident student parking is limited to vehicles with valid resident student decals. All spaces designated for resident student parking will be available to any vehicle bearing a valid resident student decal, on a first-come, first-served basis. Resident students will not be assigned to particular residential lots. Students are not permitted to park in staff/faculty spaces at anytime, which include the Pollock/Dunton, SAGE Hall, Withey and Facilities lots. Residential Students are also prohibited from parking in the Brennan Circle.

Commuter Student Parking
During the academic year, and between the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, access to the areas designated as commuter student parking will be limited to vehicles bearing a valid commuter student decal. Commuters may park in the small College St. parking lot, the small parking lot between the Waldron Athletic Center and Sage Hall, the north end of the old tennis court or in the Upper & Lower parking lots which are located between the athletic fields.

If a commuter student wishes to leave their vehicle on campus for more than sixteen hours, they must park in the lot west of the tennis courts. Parking in Brennan Circle is limited to College visitors only throughout the year in order to better accommodate day time visitor parking and 24-hour emergency vehicular access.

Visitor/Guest Parking
Guests of students or staff who wish overnight parking on campus must promptly register their vehicles with the Campus Security Office. They will receive a temporary permit that will provide access to the parking area west of the tennis courts. Guest parking privileges are limited to three (3) calendar days in a 30 day period. Requests for extension of guest parking privileges must be filed with the Campus Security Office. Extensions will be granted only in compelling circumstances, and will be brief in duration.

The area designated as "Visitor Parking" in the Brennan Circle will be limited to College visitors during the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Snow Emergencies
Students, faculty and staff will be notified through email regarding instructions for parking during a snow emergency. Resident Assistants will also post snow emergency instructions in Residence Halls. Failure to comply with snow emergency parking procedures will result in possible fines and towing at owner's expense.

Employee Parking
All Employee and Faculty Parking Areas will be limited to vehicles bearing valid employee decals, twenty-four (24) hours, seven days a week.

Handicapped/Special Circumstance Parking
Spaces designated for handicapped parking will be restricted to that use 24 hours a day, all year-round.

Students and employees will occasionally have need for special parking privileges (limited mobility due to injury or illness, vehicle malfunction, etc.). The Campus Security Office must be notified as soon as the special need is known. Special parking privileges will be limited to as short a time as practical in the particular circumstances. If the special need is for medical reasons, the requestor must have documentation from a physician and grant the appropriate College official, Vice President of Student Life if a student, and the Business Office if an employee, permission to contact the requester's physician, in order to obtain information needed to make a decision on the request for special parking privileges.

Closing Lots
Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to limit or prevent access to various parking areas. Examples include, but are not limited to, special or unusual events such as Commencement, Trustees' meetings, and weather emergencies (snow removal).

Unloading Vehicles
Students and employees will occasionally need temporary parking privileges for loading or unloading vehicles. When loading or unloading, the vehicle's four-way flashers must be on and access is limited to thirty (30) minutes. Parking on sidewalks or emergency zones is not permitted unless specifically directed by a Campus Security officer.

Reserved Parking
There will be two spaces marked as reserved parking for students that serve on the local volunteer fire department or rescue squad, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The spaces will be in the College Street lot. The student must provide the Campus Security Office with a letter from the Captain of the Rescue Squad or Fire Chief stating that the student is a member in good standing with that department. Students may only register their own vehicles to be eligible for this parking privilege.

Vehicle Violations and Sanctions
Warnings will not be issued. Full enforcement will be in effect when a student first arrives on campus for an early arrival date or at 7 a.m. on the first class day of each semester. Penalties and sanctions apply to students and employees.

Class One Violations:
1. Parking an unregistered vehicle in a parking area (decal must be properly displayed to be considered registered on campus)
2. Parking in an area not authorized by the vehicle's decal
$25 fine per ticket

Class Two Violations:
1. Parking in an area not designated for parking (fire lane, sidewalk, etc)
2. Unauthorized parking in a space reserved for handicapped parking.
3. Parking so as to block access to parking areas, roadways, etc.
4. Failure to comply with snow emergency parking procedures.
$50 fine per ticket, vehicle subject to towing

Class Three Violations:
1. Moving violations: driving in an unsafe manner (excessive speed, racing, etc.), or driving on lawns
First ticket $50 fine
Second ticket $100 fine and loss of campus parking privileges for remainder of the semester

Note: Campus parking privileges can be revoked for a combination of four tickets in any of the violation classes and the vehicles are subject to towing at the owner's expense. Motor Vehicle Policy violations may also be referred to the Director of Residence Life for conduct action.

Boot Policy
Vehicle parking is only allowed in designated areas. Vehicles parked in unapproved areas, such as fire lanes, or vehicles with more than four (4) unpaid parking tickets will be subject to being towed or booted by Campus Security. Once a vehicle is booted, a $50.00 dollar fine must be paid to remove the boot. The fine for booting does not include the cost of any prior parking tickets which have been issued. In addition the vehicle may be towed at anytime after being booted to clear the vehicle from its illegal parking place.

All Fines are payable to the Campus Security Office. All fines not paid within ten (10) business days will be billed to the individual's account in the Business Office. Any individual that has received four (4) parking tickets will have their vehicle banned from campus for the remainder of the semester. If a banned vehicle is found on campus during this time, it will be subject to towing at the owner's expense.

To appeal a ticket a student believes was received in error, the student must contact the officer that issued the ticket. If the situation cannot be resolved at that point, the student may appeal to the Director of Campus Security in writing within five (5) business days. Ignorance of the parking policies does not constitute grounds for appeal.

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