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Appendix V: Safety Procedures

Procedures During Fire Alarms

1. Always assume an alarm indicates an actual fire

2. Immediately prepare to evacuate the building. Before leaving do the following (if it is possible without endangering yourself):
a. Open the drapes or shades.
b. Close the windows.
c. Turn ON the lights.
d. Close but do not lock your door.

3. If there is a real fire in a hallway or room do the following:
a. Feel the door before you open it. If it feels too hot do not open the door.
b. If it feels hot, open it slightly, holding your head away and bracing the door with your foot.
c. Put your hand across the opening to test the heat of the air.

4. If you believe the hallway is safe and presents no clear danger to yourself:
a. Go out the nearest exit and stay low.
b. Close doors to the hallways.
c. Wear a coat or some other protection over bare skin.
d. Wear hard-soled shoes.
e. Take a wet towel to breathe through (soak it in the water fountain, beverage, etc.).
f. Walk down the steps.

5. If the hallway is unsafe:
a. Stop up any openings or cracks through which smoke may enter, using wet towels, blankets, sheets, etc.
b. If smoke does enter your room, open the window. If sealed, break it with some heavy object.
c. Remain near the window and wait for the arrival of the fire department.

6. All residents are required to completely vacate the building when the alarm is activated. The Residential Life Staff, Security staff or appropriate civil authorities will instruct you to move to certain locations to assure your safety -- do so immediately. The only people permitted in the buildings are designated members of the Fire Department; they will determine when the building is safe for other people to re-enter. Residents are not permitted to re-enter the building until the College official in charge gives a directive. Because the audible alarm has ceased does not mean that residents are permitted to reenter a building.

Procedures During a Bomb Threat:
Upon receipt of a bomb threat, the person receiving the call should attempt to keep the caller on the line as long as possible and ask them to repeat the message. If the phone is equipped with caller ID, record the phone number.

Pay attention to:
1. Background noises (motors running, automobiles, music, laughter).
2. Is the voice male/female, calm/excited, do they have an accent or other speech identities, do they sound familiar?

Write down the date and time the call was received and try to get the following information:

1. When is it set to go off?
2. Where is it set to go off?
3. What does it look like?
4. Why are you doing this?
5. Who are you?

Report the call immediately to the Security Office. Do not evacuate the building by pulling the fire alarm. Do not turn on any light switches or use two-way radios while in the affected building. If the building must be evacuated, it will be done verbally under the direction of Campus Security to an assigned area in a safe distance from the building.

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