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Dining Services
The college food service is provided by Chartwell’s Dining Service. Chartwell’s provides the college community with a variety of meal options, including commuter and employee plans. All resident students are required to be on a meal plan except by special permission (see "Requests to be Removed from the Meal Plan"). The cost of the meal plan is standard as reflected on account statements with students selecting their meal plan option at the beginning of each semester and may change plan option during the first two weeks of each semester. Students with specific dietary needs may meet with the Director of Dining Services to explore options to accommodate those needs.

All students who are participating in the meal plan will be issued a barcode on their ID card. Students are required to present their ID card when entering the dining room. Failure to have your ID card available may result in the refusal of service. Lost or stolen IDs should be reported to the Dining Service Office immediately so arrangements can be made for the student to access the dining room. Students are to enter the dining room through the main entrance and check in with the dining room attendant. Entering the dining room through the rear patio doors is not allowed.

Students may entertain guests in the dining room by paying for their meal with a meal plan guest pass (2 per semester), Munch Money or cash. Student ID meal-cards are non-transferable and are to be used solely by the cardholder. The lending or borrowing of other students' ID cards for entrance to the dining room will be considered theft and will result in student conduct action.

Dishes and food may not be taken from the dining room. In keeping with health policies, pets are not allowed in the dining room or The Buttery. Backpacks are not permitted in the dining room. Shoes and appropriate clothing are required for dining room attendance.

Behavior deemed by the dining room management as disruptive will result in the immediate removal of offending students from the dining room, and could result in loss of dining room privileges for the remainder of the semester without refund of fees from the College. Students violating the Dining Hall policies and procedures may also be charged through the College's student conduct process.
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