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Bringing a complaint
(a) Any student in the College community who believes that he or she has been subjected to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking as defined above should bring the matter to the attention of the individual(s) designated to receive such complaints in as timely a manner as is practicable.

(b) Complaints by students regarding another Green Mountain College student or a person not a member of the Green Mountain College community should be brought to the Vice President of Student Life who can be reached at 802-287-8377 or in the Student Life Office on the ground floor of Withey Hall. The student will be asked to provide a concise dated and signed statement of the alleged violations (either written by the student or dictated by the student to a College official, then ascribed to by the student) of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and a detailed statement of the facts supporting the alleged violations. Although there is no specified time limit on the filing of a complaint with the College, the College strongly encourages a prompt filing so that a more satisfactory and complete investigation can be conducted.

Complaints may also be filed with the College’s Title IX Coordinator whose contact information is:
Janie Evans, Director of Human Resources and Risk Management, Title IX Coordinator 002 Pollock Hall (802-287-8203)

(c) Complaints by students regarding a Green Mountain College faculty or staff member should be brought to the Academic Dean or the Vice President of Student Life. The Academic Dean will respond to the complaint in accordance with the policies outlined in the Faculty and Staff Handbooks and in consultation with the Vice President of Student Life.

(d) A College administrator may initiate charges within the scope of these procedures to address potential issues of concern to the College and/or a member or members of the College community. In such cases, the procedures described below will be altered to the extent necessary at the discretion of the College for the efficient disposition of a charge, given the circumstances presented.

(e) If any person affected by the College’s investigation or adjudication of a complaint of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking is concerned that another person involved in the investigation or adjudication (such as, for example, an investigator or hearing panel member) may be biased against him or her or has a conflict of interest, the person should inform the office involved in investigating or adjudicating the complaint of that concern as soon as possible. The responsible official will consider the concern and inform the parties of his/her decision as to whether an alternate will be named.

(f) If in addition to (or instead of) utilizing the College’s processes a complainant wishes to bring criminal charges against the individual alleged to have violated this policy, the College will upon request assist students or employees in contacting law enforcement agencies. This action may be taken regardless of whether an individual chooses to file a complaint with the College. For his or her own part, a complainant may choose to notify such agencies with or without assistance from the College, or may choose not to notify such authorities.

(g) Individuals who are being or who may have been subjected to sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking may have the right to obtain orders of protection, restraining orders and/or relief from abuse orders from Vermont courts. The College will support complainants if they wish to have the College’s assistance in making contact with law enforcement authorities and other external resources to seek such orders. The College will respect such orders to the extent applicable. In addition, the College can also impose no-contact conditions on students, employees and third parties over which it has some measure of control. The College will inform complainants of their options in this regard.

(h) Medical Care - Whether or not you decide to pursue criminal charges or a complaint at the College, you are encouraged to immediately seek any necessary medical care after an incident of sexual misconduct, domestic violence or dating violence, and to seek help from appropriate law enforcement, medical or College personnel. Even if you are unsure initially whether you will want to pursue criminal charges or seek a protection order, it is important to preserve all possible evidence in case you decide at some point to do so. Therefore, you should refrain from changing clothes, showering or otherwise changing your physical state after an incident, until after you have consulted with law enforcement or medical personnel about how to best preserve evidence.

(i) If you report sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking to College authorities, College personnel will work with you to determine whether alternative academic, transportation, working and/or living situations are reasonably available and necessary in your particular case. You do not have to file a formal complaint, participate in a student conduct process, or file a criminal complaint in order to ask for such help from the College.

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