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Off Campus Housing Policy

Green Mountain College is committed to the social and academic benefits of being a four-year residential College. As a residential institution, Green Mountain College requires all full-time students to live on-campus in the residence halls. In years when enrollment exceeds housing capacity, some students may be granted off-campus status. Students who are granted off-campus status are advised to read leases carefully and be mindful of their own liability when renting an off-campus residence. Students are encouraged to seek insurance coverage for their belongings, should they not be covered under their parents’ homeowners policy. Students who meet the Age, Local Resident, or Married criteria outlined below must notify the Director of Residence Life prior to April 1st of their intention to reside off-campus the following academic year.

Students who have not been granted off-campus status are advised against signing a lease agreement for an off-campus residence. The Department of Residence Life will not recognize pre-arranged leases when determining the approval of an off-campus housing request.

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