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Athletic Policies
All student athletes are asked to be familiar with and should understand that they are responsible for complying with all Athletic Department policies as outlined in the Green Mountain College Student Athlete Handbook (GMCSAH). The GMCSAH is available from the Athletic Department and can be found online under “Inside Athletics-Student Athlete Success” at

The Athletic Department at Green Mountain College, among other benefits to the College community, promotes and encourages spectator opportunities for the student body. Spectator participation enables members of the student body to identify with the College and develop pride in the accomplishments of the College and its student athletes. The spectators in attendance at College athletics events are obligated to provide an environment of respect, dignity, and civility for the College’s guests. The College is committed to providing a positive, meaningful, educational atmosphere for the conduct of its athletic events and behavior contrary to this intent will not be condoned or tolerated. The College does not accept the use of profane and/or vulgar language or any form of disrespectful treatment of our guests (visiting teams, officials, etc.) or our home participants. When a public address system is not available, control of the above is the responsibility of the Athletic Event Manager and any Athletic Staff present. When a public address system is available, the following announcement will be made prior to the start of the athletic competition:

“The NCAA, Green Mountain College and all members of the North Atlantic Conference support the philosophies of the NCAA regarding sportsmanship at all events. All players, coaches and fans are asked and expected to act ethically and sportsmanlike throughout the entire contest. We request your cooperation by supporting the participants, the officials and each other in a positive manner.”

Air horns and electronic amplifiers are violations of NCAA policy and will not be permitted. Such instruments will be removed from the playing and spectator areas. Only signage properly located and pre-approved by the Athletic Department will be permitted at the site of any event.

Alcoholic beverages will not be sold or otherwise made available for public consumption at any athletic event sponsored by or administered by Green Mountain College, nor shall any such beverages be brought to the site during such an event (i.e., during the period from the time access to the site is available to spectators until all patrons have left the facility area or area used for competition). The sale or distribution of newspapers, handbills, candy, food, raffles, flyers, memorabilia, or promotional materials at the site of a Green Mountain College athletics event without the advance written approval of the Athletic Department is prohibited.

Questions regarding Athletic Department policies should be directed to the Athletic Director.

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