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Athletic Facility/Fields Usage Policies for the General Student Body
Any use of the athletic facilities or fields by club sport programs, other clubs, or the general student body, is by reservation only. To reserve any athletic facility or field, the group president/representative must first meet with the Athletic Facility Manager (AFM). If the space is deemed to be available and use is approved by the AFM, then the student group should contact Auxiliary Services to officially reserve the space.
The North Game Field and Softball Game Field are the home of the men's and women's soccer teams, and women's softball team respectively. Due to the general vulnerability of these fields to flooding and significant damage, these fields are only to be used for competition and practice by the teams specified. The North Game Field will only be used for soccer practice on a very limited basis.

Back Field West and Back Field Middle serve as practice fields for men’s soccer, women’s soccer, men’s lacrosse and women’s lacrosse. They also serve as the game field for both lacrosse programs and can be used as a back-up game field for both soccer programs if the North Game Field is deemed unplayable. Back Field East is available for general recreational use, most specifically for use by the club sport programs; however it is also subject to reservation. Failure to abide by the outlined policy may result in the inability of your organization to use and/or reserve these outdoor spaces.

There are numerous factors used to determine if a space is available for use by a group:

Field quality protection –

  • Will the events to be scheduled hinder the quality of the fields so as to make it unsafe for further practice or play?

  • Will the events to be scheduled hinder the quality of the fields in order to conduct practice or play at NCAA standards (this does not apply to Back Field East)?

Current (day of) field conditions –

  • It is common, particularly in the spring semester, that it may not be known up until the day before a field is requested to be used if the AFM can declare it playable (see above field quality protection reasons). This is true for intercollegiate athletic varsity play as well as for use of the fields by all other groups. The AFM often does not make determinations on field status for a varsity game until just prior to the opponent’s scheduled departure from their campus.

Scheduling –

  • For various reasons outlined below, Athletics has preference on three of the four athletic fields (Back Field Middle, Back Field West and North Game Field).

  • Club sports have priority and sole use of Back Field East, unless it is determined to be unsafe due to conditions or due to a varsity competition (men’s lacrosse) being scheduled on an adjacent field (Back Field Middle). This is due to safety reasons.

  • Back Field Middle and Back Field West, MAY be scheduled for Ultimate Frisbee if the field conditions allow. These fields cannot be scheduled for W/M Rugby, unless all varsity competition is completed for the academic year and it is deemed that the field could be repairable with no additional costs to athletics.

Common Reasons why Intercollegiate Athletics (Varsity) has preference on certain fields:

  • Responsibility to conduct practice and competition at a standard that is consistent with North Atlantic Conference (NAC) and NCAA standards.

  • Responsibility to the NAC to field the teams we are supposed to field, due to each school’s effect on access to the NCAA Automatic Qualification (AQ or automatic bid). Quality of practice and competition spaces has effects on the recruitment of student athletes.

  • Responsibility to the staff that we hire within athletics to provide them with facilities that allow them to meet the expectations placed on them, specifically for recruiting prospective student athletes, retaining student athletes, and for the competitiveness of their programs.

The following rules apply to the use of Green Mountain College's outdoor field spaces.

1. No animals allowed on the fields.
2. Bicycles and motor vehicles are not allowed unless for maintenance or medical purposes.
3. Use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are prohibited.
4. Glass containers are prohibited.
5. No hitting of golf balls allowed.
6. A field reservation may be cancelled or altered should use during inclement weather lead to damage to the playing areas.

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