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Residence Hall Policies and Expectations

Students are not permitted to have animals in the residence halls with the exception of fish in 10-gallon fish tanks or smaller. Students requesting the use of service animals must apply for a formal accommodation by submitting documentation and a Self-Disclosure Form to the Coordinator of Accommodations.

Athletic and Recreational Equipment
The use of athletic or recreational equipment or any other potentially dangerous or damaging equipment is prohibited in the residence halls, unless approved by the Department of Residence Life. Athletic and recreational equipment are permitted to be used outside as long as the use does not disturb or threaten the safety and well being of others or College property.

Audio Equipment
Audio Equipment must be used in such a manner that the sound will not disturb other students or interfere with the interests or standards of the College community. Students are required to comply with reasonable requests from their fellow residents, members of the Residence Life staff, and Security regarding noise complaints.

Window fans are not permitted in residence hall windows and students are prohibited from opening windows in residence halls when the outside temperature is below 40 degrees F.

Hunting Equipment and Weapons
All weapons including, but not limited to rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, paintball guns, bows/arrows, BB guns, mace, and swords are prohibited on campus except as noted herein. All such hunting related items brought to campus must be properly registered with the Department of Campus Security and stored in a locked safe in the Campus Security Office. Registered hunting equipment must be signed out for off-campus use and then returned and signed in for storage in accordance with the written guidelines available in the Campus Security Office. Students who register firearms or other hunting equipment must present a certificate of completion of a Hunter's/Firearms Safety Course or possess a valid hunting license. The Campus Security Office will confiscate any unregistered hunting equipment or weapons from students who are found in possession of these items. Students who have previously been found responsible for judicial violations may have the privilege of registering hunting equipment denied.

Objects of any kind may not be thrown from campus building windows.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters and Rollerblades
Bicycle racks are provided throughout campus. During the winter season, it is recommended that students take their bicycles home or place them in storage. If left on campus, all bicycles must be tagged and brought to the appropriate storage area of the student's residence hall. It is strongly suggested that students bring a lock and have their names engraved or printed on the bicycle as identification. Bicycles and other items may not be left in the hallways, kitchen hubs, or lounges at any time for safety reasons, and the College is not responsible for the theft of such items. The College reserves the right to remove unattended items that are left in hallways, kitchen hubs, or lounges. In addition, bicycles or other modes of transportation (i.e. skateboards, scooters) may not be used inside any building. See the College's Skateboard Policy for applicable procedures for outdoor skating.

Bicycle Policy
All students who wish to keep a bicycle on campus must register their bicycle through the office of Campus Security. A decal will be given to the student free of charge which must be displayed prominently on the bicycle’s frame. Students have seven (7) days from the start of each semester to register their bicycle with Campus Security. After seven (7) days Campus Security will begin confiscating unregistered bicycles. Once a bicycle has been confiscated a $10.00 fine will be assessed and the owner has seven (7) days after the date of confiscation to claim the bicycle. If the bicycle is not claimed within seven (7) days of confiscation Campus Security will consider this a forfeiture of ownership and may dispose of the bicycle. For your convenience bicycle racks can be found in various locations on campus. These racks are the only approved locations to store and lock your bicycle. If a bicycle is found stored or locked in any other area Campus Security reserves the right to remove your bicycle, which may include the cutting of bicycle locks. Bicycle safety is ultimately the responsibility of the owner. Campus Security is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles.

Students are prohibited from propping open residence hall exit doors, egress doors, or interior fire doors.

Fire Prevention: Equipment and Control
All residence hall rooms are equipped with a hard-wired smoke detector with battery back up. Students are required to report any smoke detector that is not operating correctly to their RA or Campus Security immediately. Students must evacuate buildings during fire alarms in accordance with the procedures outlined in Appendix V. Tampering with fire equipment or falsely pulling a fire alarm will result in judicial charges as outlined in the Student Conduct Code.

Furnishings and Equipment
Every room is furnished with a study desk or table, chairs, bed, chest of drawers, bookcase, and closet space. Students must provide draperies, carpet, pillows, blankets, spreads, bed linens, and towels. Furniture can only be removed from a residential room to accommodate a medical or accommodation request approved by the Director of Residence Life in conjunction with the Coordinator of Accommodations. If furniture is removed from a room without approval a student may be charged a replacement fee for the removed furniture.

Prohibited Items
The following items and activities are not allowed within the residence halls and prohibited items may be confiscated:
* Electrical equipment with exposed heating elements, such as hot plates, halogen lamps, toasters, and sun lamps
* Air conditioners
* More than one heavy-duty extension cord per room
* Tapestries may not be hung from the ceiling. They may be hung from walls in such a manner as not to interfere with fire detection, evacuation, and safety
* Any item possible of creating an open flame (i.e. candles, candles without wicks, oil lamps). Students are not permitted to burn incense, burn herbs ("smudging"), cones, or other similar items in residence halls
* Antennas may not be affixed to the exterior of the residence halls.
* Waterbeds
* Beverage bars
* Bottle caps in lampshades
* Students are allowed to use masking tape, poster putty or thumbtacks to hang posters. Staples, nails, hooks, etc., are not allowed, nor is painting or writing on the walls or ceilings. Students will be charged for returning the walls and ceiling to their original (starting from student's occupancy date) state. The painting of residence hall rooms is not permitted.

Several residence halls have formal lounges in addition to the kitchen hubs on each floor. The furniture in either of these areas may not be removed or relocated, unless previously approved by the Department of Residence Life.

Restricted Areas
Students are prohibited from going on or into residence hall balconies, roofs, fire escapes (except in emergencies), and crawl spaces above ceilings.

Green Mountain College is largely smoke-free - that is, smoking is prohibited from all campus vehicles and campus buildings. In addition, smoking is prohibited on College grounds except in certain designated areas.

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