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Room Entry & Search Procedures
As a private institution, designated Green Mountain College staff members have the absolute right to enter any residential room to address maintenance concerns, conduct routine health and safety checks, and initiate room searches if warranted.

Entrance into residence hall rooms is classified at three levels:

1. General Entry: A 24-hour notice will be given via email or residence hall postings for the following:
* periodic health and safety inspections
* fire alarm inspections

2. Routine Maintenance: By requesting a maintenance repair, a student has granted permission for a member of the Facilities Department to come into the room and make the repair. In addition, Facilities personnel may enter your room to verify damages or to perform other maintenance services. In most instances, written notice will be left for the student. Questions regarding this procedure may be directed to Residence Life staff.

3. Probable Cause (investigative entry): Entry into a room based on a reasonable suspicion of violations that are determined by staff members in Residence Life, Campus Security and/or Facilities:
* unauthorized entry by a person other than the resident of the room
* theft
* sexual misconduct
* possible violation of local, state or federal laws
* alcohol
* pets
* smoking
* unregistered guests/missing persons
* violation of the network acceptable use policy
* noise
* drugs
* endangerment of persons relating to mental/physical illness, sexual assault or other assault, alcohol or drug-related illness
* disruptive conduct/aggressive behavior
* fire safety
* misuse or tampering with emergency equipment
* weapons and/or fireworks
* hazing
* emergency maintenance repairs
* general courtesy issues (such as alarms, stereos or other items causing a disturbance for the community when there has been no response by the occupant)

Room Search Protocol
Individuals involved in the search
1. To the extent practicable, searches will be conducted by at least two (2) individuals from the Security and/or Residence Life staff.
2. In the event that two (2) staff members are not available, a Security or Residence Life staff member may ask another staff member or student to serve as a witness to the search.

Responsibilities of those conducting the search
1. Security and/or Residence Life staff members must announce themselves before entering the room and identify themselves for the students present.
2. Security will be the lead person in the search.
3. Residence Life staff and student RAs are responsible for keeping the doorways clear and the students in sight while the search is being conducted.
4. Student residents of the room are permitted to witness the search. Other non-residents may be asked to leave.

Information Collection
1. All illegal items confiscated are labeled by Security as information.
2. All items are held in the Security Office until further notice and illegal items will be subsequently disposed.
3. Care will be taken in disturbing a student's personal property as little as possible in the room.
4. All confiscated items will be documented and included in the Incident Communication Form (ICF).
5. All possessions may be searched (i.e. drawers, bags, closets, book bags, etc)
6. A physical search may not be conducted of a person; however the Security and/or Residence Life staff member may ask the student to empty pockets, etc. Failure to comply with this request may result in the College contacting law enforcement authorities.

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