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Conduct Review Procedures
The following procedures are guidelines only, which will be followed to the extent they are practical and appropriate in a given situation. The fact that all guidelines are not followed in a particular situation will not affect the validity or appropriateness of a disciplinary decision or process.

1. Reports of alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code or College policy are made by members of the campus community or faculty/staff members in the course of their duties to the Department of Residence Life or the Department of Campus Security via Incident Communication Forms or other means.

2. Incident Communication Forms or complaints brought forward by other means are usually reviewed expediently by, where practical, the Residence Life staff, the Director of Campus Security, and the Vice President of Student Life.

3. The Director of Residence Life and/or the Vice President of Student Life assign alleged charges and levels as appropriate.

4. Absent extenuating circumstances, within seven (7) business days of the report or identification of the alleged violation, the student is usually notified in writing to attend a Conduct Review Meeting. The following information will be provided:

  • Time, date and location of the meeting

  • Name and contact information for staff member

  • Date of the alleged violation

In the event of a justifiable scheduling conflict, the student has three (3) business days following written notice of the meeting to notify the appropriate staff member and reschedule.

5. The student attends the scheduled meeting. At this time, the student may respond to any and all alleged violations and review relevant incident reports and documents and provide relevant oral or written information. The Student Conduct Code and the relevant procedures for resolution will be explained and an opportunity for questions will be provided. Legal counsel, parents/guardians, or other representatives are not permitted at this Conduct Review Meeting. At this time, one of the following will occur:

  • Charges dropped

  • Student does not accept responsibility

  • Student accepts responsibility

6. In some instances, more information may be needed in order for a decision to be rendered. The staff member holding the Conduct Review Meeting may adjourn the meeting in order to gather more information, talk with other relevant parties, etc. A follow-up meeting will be set to bring the matter to closure.

7. If the student accepts responsibility, sanctions are assigned as appropriate, and are effective immediately upon the close of the Meeting. If the student does not accept responsibility for a first time violation, the case is decided by the student conduct officer based on the preponderance of evidence. "Preponderance of evidence" is defined here as "having more than likely to have occurred than not."

8. Within ten (10) business days of the Meeting, the student is notified of the resolution and/or sanctions in writing.

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