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Student Conduct Records
Student conduct records are created for all student incidents in which disciplinary charges are alleged. These records are maintained and purged according to the following guidelines:

1. Records involving alleged violations in which the student was charged and found not responsible, or in which charges were subsequently dropped, are, absent extenuating circumstances, retained in the official judicial records for a period of one year, then destroyed.
2. Records involving alleged violations in which a finding of responsible was determined are held in the official judicial records at the College in the Division of Student Life for seven (7) calendar years beyond the meeting date.
3. Records are retained indefinitely at the College's discretion.

Note: All outstanding student conduct charges and/or sanctions must be resolved before a student may graduate from the College or before a withdrawn student may be readmitted to the College. Students with unresolved conduct charges and/or sanctions may have an administrative hold placed on their account resulting in the inability to receive transcripts, register for classes, sign up for College housing, or graduate. Proceedings of Conduct Review or Conduct Review Board Meetings may be audio or videotaped at the discretion of the College.

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