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Judicial Review Board Procedures
A pool of ten to twelve (10 - 12) students and two (2) faculty members comprise the Judicial Review Board. The Student Senate, under the authority of the Director of Residence Life, selects student representatives for the Judicial Review Board. Student members must have and maintain a 2.5 GPA and must not have outstanding judicial charges or be on Disciplinary Probation at their time of service on the Judicial Review Board. The Faculty Nominating Committee selects faculty representatives annually. For each Judicial Review Board Meeting, four (4) students (including one (1) student chair, selected for that particular meeting) and one (1) faculty member conduct the Judicial Review Board Meeting. A Procedural Advisor (a staff or faculty member not a member of the Judicial Review Board considering the alleged violation before them) serves to clarify procedures and brings the facts and circumstances of the alleged violation and relevant documents before the Board.

1. A student may elect to have a Judicial Review Board resolve his/her alleged violation for repeat charges. The Director of Residence Life and/or the Vice President of Student Life may also decide, in his or her discretion, to refer an alleged violation to the Judicial Review Board in instances of disputes of fact, repeat offenses, or other violations.

2. The Procedural Advisor meets in advance with the accused student, prepares the relevant documents and information for the Judicial Review Board, and is present during the meeting to clarify any information or point of procedure. The Procedural Advisor is present during the Judicial Review Board's deliberations, but does not vote and does not participate in the administration of sanctions.

3. The accused student is notified of the date, place, and time of the Judicial Review Board Meeting. That notification shall be given to the accused student within seven (7) days of the student electing a Judicial Review Board Meeting or being notified that a Judicial Review Board will review their alleged violation.

4. Judicial Review Board Meetings are not open to the public. Parents and attorneys or other outside representatives are not permitted to be in attendance (unless a criminal charge is currently pending against the student, in which case an attorney may be present to advise the student; the attorney may not, however, speak to or address the Board orally or in writing or otherwise represent the student in the hearing).

5. The accused student may select a member of the College community to attend the meeting as an advisor to him/her. The advisor may not speak or ask questions during the meeting, but may consult with the accused student and suggest questions or points of clarification for him/her to raise.

6. The chair convenes the meeting in accordance with the Judicial Procedures outlined in the Judicial Review Board Manual. The College and the accused student may present witnesses and the Judicial Review Board members may ask for additional witnesses to appear before the Board. Character witness testimony is not permitted.

7. After the meeting, the Judicial Review Board deliberates in closed session and determines, by majority vote based upon a considered preponderance of the relevant facts and circumstances available during the Meeting, whether the accused student is responsible for the violation as charged and, if so, the appropriate sanctions. The accused student's prior Disciplinary Record will be brought forward by the Procedural Advisor during the sanctioning phase and will be considered as sanctions are determined.

8. After rendering a decision, the Judicial Review Board chair informs the Procedural Advisor of the decision, who informs the student. The Judicial Review Board chair provides the Procedural Advisor with a written statement of the outcome as soon as practicable after the meeting. The Director of Residence Life or Vice President of Student Life provides a written decision letter to the student within ten (10) business days of the close of the Judicial Review Board Meeting.

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