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1. The Vice President of Student Life, pursuant to the authority delegated by the College President and the Board of Trustees of Green Mountain College, is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Student Conduct Code and all policies contained within the Green Mountain College Student Handbook.

2. The Director of Residence Life, in conjunction with the Vice President of Student Life and in consultation with the Judicial Review Board of the Student Senate, is responsible for the annual review of the Green Mountain College Student Handbook and the policies contained therein.

3. The Green Mountain College Student Conduct Code applies to all Green Mountain College students and student organizations.

4. Green Mountain College students are also subject to rules and regulations contained in the Green Mountain College Catalog.

5. The jurisdiction of the Student Conduct Code may be extended to individual or collective activities which are not recognized or approved by the College and which do not occur on Green Mountain College premises if, in the opinion of the Vice President of Student Life, such activities violate College expectations and/or policies, adversely impact the College or surrounding community, and/or have an adverse effect on the interests or educational mission of Green Mountain College.

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