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Purpose and Scope
Green Mountain College is dedicated to the personal development and academic excellence of its students. Green Mountain College students possess certain rights and privileges together with corresponding duties and responsibilities. Every student is entitled to socially responsible freedom of action as an expression of collegiate activity. Each individual is due the respect of his/her personal dignity and property. In turn, each student is responsible for maintaining community standards of behavior that do not interfere with the rights of others or the effective functioning of the College.

Each student at Green Mountain College is required to practice personal and academic integrity, to demonstrate respect for the dignity of all persons, to respect the rights and property of others, to discourage bigotry, and to show concern for others. Students are required to engage in responsible and ethical social conduct that reflects the principles of the College and each student must refrain from and discourage behavior that threatens the freedom and respect that every individual deserves. Toward that end, the College, with input from the community, has set forth certain expectations for socially responsible student behavior and a system through which the College may seek redress against persons who have trespassed on the rights and privileges of others and/or the College.

All violations of College policies and procedures committed on or off College property (both inside and outside the classroom), or at officially sponsored College events (on or off campus) or via the electronic network fall within the scope of the Student Conduct Code. Although the College is not legally responsible or financially liable for the behavior of students off-campus, it reserves the right to take disciplinary action against students when their off-campus behavior violates College expectations and/or policies or when it adversely impacts the College or surrounding community. Each student shall be responsible for his/her conduct from the time of application for admission through the actual awarding of a degree, even though the conduct in question may occur before classes begin or after classes end, during the academic year or during periods between terms of actual enrollment (even if such conduct is not discovered until after a degree is awarded).

The College recognizes that all students, in addition to being members of the College community, also belong to the community at large. The College's Student Conduct Code does not protect or shield students from their responsibilities under federal, state, and/or local laws or ordinances. The College reserves the right to refer any situations involving student misconduct to appropriate law enforcement authorities. The College may impose disciplinary sanctions on a student or recognized student club, organization or club sport found responsible for the violation of College policies and procedures contained herein, regardless of the status, timing, or result of any external proceedings related to the conduct at issue. The rules of conduct and the associated procedures contained herein are limited to students, full-time and part-time.

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