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Resolution of Reports
The Green Mountain College Student Conduct Code is established as the College's method for resolving reported violations of college policies brought forward by students, faculty, staff, municipal authorities or other members of the community regarding the behavior of Green Mountain College students.

The College reviews all such complaints and any related incident reports or information and determines the method of resolution. Student complaints regarding other students will be reviewed and the College will make a determination as to judicial charges and the appropriate method of adjudication.

Student complaints regarding faculty or staff members shall be resolved in accordance with the faculty or staff handbooks. Student complaints regarding persons who are not members of the Green Mountain College community shall be referred to the appropriate governmental authorities. The College may also choose to initiate a complaint itself through the Vice President of Student Life or other administrator.

Depending upon the nature and circumstances of the violation, the following methods of adjudication may be utilized to resolve allegations regarding student behavior. The Vice President of Student Life has the discretion to decide which of the following methods, or some combination or variation on them, is the most appropriate procedure in a particular situation:

Informal Resolution
In some instances, incidents and/or allegations are most appropriately resolved in a manner not resulting in formal conduct charges. This may include, but is not limited to, meeting with a member of the Residence Life staff, the Vice President of Student Life, a staff member at the Wellness Center and/or other faculty/staff or other campus or off-campus resources as deemed appropriate by the College.

Conduct Review Meeting
A Conduct Review Meeting is conducted by a Residence Life administrator to adjudicate most first-time violations and/or where separation from the college is not a likely or potential outcome. In cases where separation from the college is a likely or potential outcome and depending on the nature and circumstances of the violation, the Director of Residence Life or the Vice President of Student Life may hold the Conduct Review Meeting.

The Judicial Review Board
The Judicial Review Board resolves matters of appeal or dispute of fact for Conduct Review Meetings. A student may also choose to have their alleged violation reviewed by a Judicial Review Board rather than a Conduct Review Meeting in incidents involving disputes of fact or for Level II or Level III violations

Administrative Decision
The College reserves the right to place a student on interim suspension, or expel or suspend a student at any time, when conduct is deemed to be in violation of College policy or in situations where the student poses a risk to him/herself, to others, or for the College. In taking such action, the college need not assign further reasons. At the discretion of the Vice President of Student Life, and following individualized assessment, a student who is determined to be a danger to self or to others, or in which the behavior of the student significantly disrupts the living and learning environment of the College, may be involuntarily or administratively withdrawn, suspended or expelled.

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