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Penalties for violations of conduct regulations are recorded in the student's conduct record. Penalties are not reflected on the academic transcript, except that the dates of enrollment at Green Mountain College are a part of the transcript record.

Violations of the Student Conduct Code
Penalties that may be imposed on a student by a judicial body after being found responsible for violating the Student Conduct Code include but are not limited to the following:

Fines or restitution:
Fines or restitution are commensurate with the nature of the offense. The monetary cost of the harm done may be taken into account in assessment of a fine or an order of restitution.

Written Warning:
An official notice by a staff member to a student who has violated College policy indicating that should the behavior in question continue, additional disciplinary action will be taken. The written warning stays in the student's student conduct record.

Educational Sanction:
A sanction designed to provide an additional educational opportunity for a student who has been found responsible for violating the Student Conduct Code.

Parental Notification:
Parents will routinely be notified regarding alcohol and drug violations for which the student is found responsible. They may also be notified prior to the adjudication of a case at the discretion of the Vice President of Student Life. Parents may also be contacted if the Vice President of Student Life believes that the student poses a danger to him/herself or others or in other instances as outlined in the College's FERPA Policy contained herein.

Disciplinary Probation:
A student is allowed to continue enrollment at Green Mountain College with the understanding that, during the period of time while s/he is on Disciplinary Probation, any further violations of the Student Conduct Code could result in additional or more serious sanctions up to and including suspension from the College.

Separation from the College after being found responsible for a violation of the Student Conduct Code. Suspended students must leave campus and are prohibited from participating in all College activities or using College facilities during the stated period of suspension. Suspension is imposed for up to one year.
Readmission is not guaranteed and is at the sole discretion of the Vice President of Student Life.

Suspension may be:
a)temporary, for a finite period less than a full academic term;
b)definite, for a stated period of at least one academic term; or
c)indefinite for very serious offenses. (A student suspended indefinitely may be readmitted only by successfully petitioning the Vice President for Student Life.)

Interim Suspension:
In certain circumstances where there is an alleged or perceived direct threat to self or others, the Vice President of Student Life, or his/her designee, may impose a temporary suspension prior to formal judicial proceedings or administrative decision by the Vice President of Student Life.

Interim suspension may be imposed to
(1) ensure the safety and well-being of members of the College community;
(2) to ensure the student's own physical or emotional safety and well-being;
(3) if the student poses a direct threat of disruption of or interference with the normal operations of the College;
(4) if the student has been charged or is likely to be charged with a felony.

During Interim Suspension, the student shall be denied access to on-campus housing and/or the campus (including classes) and/or all other College activities or privileges for which the student might otherwise be eligible, and/or may be subject to other conditions as the Vice President of Student Life may deem appropriate.

For particularly serious offenses, students may be permanently dismissed from the College. In cases where the penalty is expulsion, final appeal is to the president, who may reduce the penalty, if warranted, after consultation with the body that conducted the deliberations and after a review of the proceedings. In cases of expulsion from the College, no refund of the comprehensive fee is made. Parents or guardians are informed when students are expelled.

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