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The conduct outlined below constitutes violations of the Green Mountain College Student Conduct Code:

Academic Dishonesty: Any act of academic dishonesty including collaboration, copying, plagiarism, forgery, fabrication, inadequate or inappropriate citation, or invasion or theft of information. See The Green Mountain Col l ege Catalog for specific violations and methods of resolution.

Abuse: Physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion and/or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person.

Alcohol: Students must abide by Vermont and federal law in the purchase, distribution and/or consumption of alcohol. The following constitute specific violations of the alcohol policy:

  • Underage Possession/Consumption. In accordance with Vermont and federal law, minors are prohibited from consuming or possessing alcohol in Green Mountain College residence halls or on any College property.

  • College functions. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all College functions in which students are in attendance, including (but not limited to) dances, concerts, athletic events, and dinners, without special advance permission from the Vice President of Student Life.

  • Open container. Alcoholic beverages and open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all public areas, both in the buildings and on the grounds, regardless of age.

  • Intoxication. Impairment as the result of intoxication does not relieve a student of responsibility for the consequences of his or her actions or the actions of his/her guests. Intoxication in public areas is strictly prohibited, regardless of age.

  • Private rooms. Alcoholic beverages may be in the possession of or consumed in the residence halls only by students or visitors of legal age in rooms classified as "wet". A room is defined as "wet" only where all assigned resident(s) and guests in attendance of residents of the room are of legal age. A room to which one or both occupants below the legal drinking age is assigned is classified as "dry." All students present in a "dry" room where alcoholic beverages are present are in violation of the Alcohol Policy, regardless of age.

  • Providing alcohol to minors. Students who purchase for or provide alcohol to minors are in violation of Vermont State Law as well as the Green Mountain College Conduct Code.

  • Bulk containers. Bulk containers are prohibited on College property. A bulk container is defined as, but not limited to: kegs, beer balls, or alcoholic punch in excess of one gallon. All students present in a room or area where a bulk container is present are in violation of the Alcohol Policy.

  • Public display. Students may not display advertisements or items (i.e. signs, posters, photographs, bottles) that promote illegal drug and/or alcohol products in the public spaces of the campus, (i.e. hallways, lounges, bathrooms, windows of residence halls, etc.).

  • Health and Safety: Alcohol bottles and containers (full or empty) are not permitted as decorations in residence hall rooms. They may be confiscated during routine Health and Safety inspections or at the discretion of Residence Life or Security staff.

  • Off-campus. Green Mountain College reserves the right to assign disciplinary sanctions to students based on socially irresponsible and/or illegal alcohol-related incidents that occur off-campus.

Only GMC students over 21 can bring alcoholic beverages onto campus. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the residence halls only by students and guests of legal age in rooms where all assigned residents and guests are of legal age.

Destruction of property: Damage, destruction, or theft of College property or property belonging to others; failure to report accidental damage.

Disrespectful Conduct: Language or behavior that disrespects and/or demeans another person.

Disruptive Conduct: Interference with any class or other College function by any form of deliberate disturbance or disruption; noise or general disorderliness that creates an unreasonable disturbance and/or trespasses on the rights of others. Lewd or indecent behavior, including use of electronic or other devices to make an audio or video record of any person without his/her consent. No student shall engage in behavior that poses a direct threat to the health or safety of self or others.

Drug Paraphernalia: Possession, use, storage, or sale of drug paraphernalia or use of paraphernalia in connection with the use of illegal drugs.

Drugs: Possession, use, manufacture, storage, distribution, or sale of illegal or controlled substances. Illegal drugs, as referred to in this policy, include drugs that are not legally obtainable, as well as drugs that are legally obtainable but are obtained or distributed illegally or used for illegal or unauthorized purposes.

Failure to comply: Failure or refusal to cooperate with a reasonable request by a College official (or emergency response or law enforcement personnel) acting in good faith and within the scope of his/her duties, including but not limited to, failure to cease the prohibited conduct, failure to produce identification, failure to respond to student conduct notification letters, or interference with or failure to cooperate with an investigation by the College, including any meetings or proceedings that occur.

Falsification: Providing false information to any College office or official or providing false information during a disciplinary proceeding. Fire Safety: Including, but not limited to the following:

  • misuse of fire safety equipment (including but not limited to fire extinguishers, sprinkler system, etc.)

  • false reporting of a fire

  • tampering with or causing malfunction of a pull station

  • tampering with a smoke detector

  • setting or causing a fire in a building

  • setting or causing a fire in any outdoor area without advance approval

  • remaining in a building during a fire alarm

Fireworks: Possession or use of fireworks, smoke bombs, etc.

Gambling: Gambling as prohibited by state or federal law.

Harassment on the Basis of Protected Characteristics: ‘Harassment’ means verbal or physical conduct based on a student's race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, sex, sexual orientation or disability and which has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with a student's educational performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. Sexual harassment is also a form of unlawful harassment and means unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Any biased behavior prohibited by the College's Anti-Harassment Policy as outlined in this Handbook.

Hazing: Violation of the Hazing policy as outlined in this Handbook.

Host Responsibility: Green Mountain students are responsible for the registration and behavior of their guests or visitors in accordance with the Guest Policy as outlined in the Residence Life Policies and Regulations.

Improper Assistance: To assist or encourage others to commit any of the prohibited acts stated in the Student Conduct Code.

Local, State and Federal Laws: Being charged with or convicted of the violation of local, state, or federal laws or ordinances.

Motor Vehicles: Violation of the Motor Vehicle policy as outlined in this Handbook. In addition, continued violations of the Motor Vehicle Policy may be referred for student conduct action.

Network Acceptable Use Policy: Any abuse or interference with computers or computer access that disrupts or infringes on the rights of others as outlined in this Handbook and in the Green Mountain College Catalog.

Other College Policies: Violations of other published College policies in hard copy or available on the College website, including but not limited to, the Green Mountain College Academic Catalog, the Green Mountain College Athletic Department Handbook, the Handbook for Registered Student Clubs, policies relating to discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment, computer use and residence halls.

Residence Halls: Violation of the Residence Hall Policies and Procedures as outlined in this Handbook. Violation of the Residence Hall Contract.

Sexual Harassment: Violation of the Sexual Harassment Policy as outlined in this Handbook.

Domestic Violence: Violation of the Domestic Violence Policy as outlined in this Handbook.

Dating Violence: Violation of the Dating Violence Policy as outlined in this Handbook.

Stalking: Violation of Stalking as outlined in this Handbook.

Sexual Misconduct: Violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy as outlined in this Handbook.

Smoking: Smoking is only permitted in designated areas on College owned or leased property.

Theft: Unauthorized acquisition, removal or use of personal or College property, also including computer files or data, email or other electronically stored information or service; mutilation and/or theft of library material. Possession of property on College premises stolen from the College or from others.

Unauthorized entry or use: Illegal or unauthorized entry into any College facility. Using or attempting to use College property in a manner inconsistent with its designated purpose. Tampering with property, services, or resources belonging to the College, guests, or approved vendors. Duplication of keys, computer access codes or other devices meant to provide access to unauthorized areas or information.

Weapons: Possession and/or use of a dangerous article or substance with the potential to injure or discomfort a person. Possession and/or use of unregistered firearms, ammunition or other weapons (or items that may be construed as weapons) on College property. Examples of weapons include, but are not limit to, rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammunition, paintball guns, bows/arrows, BB guns, mace, and swords.

In addition to these specific violations, students are also responsible for the community in which they live. Failure to report and/or vacate the premise in which a violation of the Student Conduct code is taking place may result in disciplinary actions.

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