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Requirements for Student Leadership Positions
Due to the extensive demands inherent in the duties of particular offices, Green Mountain College has established minimum cumulative GPA requirements for holding leadership positions.

Advisors to clubs are responsible for verifying certification of good standing with the Registrar's Office. Ineligibility continues throughout the semester once declared.

Clubs and Organizations:
Presidents or Chairpersons 2.00

College Programming Board:
Executive Board 2.25

Residence Life:
Resident Assistants 2.50
Head Residents 2.50

Student Government Executive Board:
President 2.50
Vice Presidents 2.2
Treasurer 2.255
Secretary 2.25
Association members 2.00

Individual groups, clubs, or organizations may choose to impose more restrictive grade requirements, but may not lessen the requirements. Students may not be elected, hired, appointed, or chosen if their grade point average (GPA) does not meet the minimum requirement. If a student's GPA falls below the required level, he/she will receive a written notice and be given one semester to bring his/her GPA up to the requirement. A student will be permitted to run for the position again and his/her GPA will be verified at the end of the semester; if it is not above the minimum required, the student will be removed from the position. In addition, a student may not be elected, hired, appointed, or chosen to the above leadership positions if they are on Disciplinary Probation or have unresolved judicial matters or sanctions. The Vice President of Student Life will make the final determination regarding eligibility for leadership positions.
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