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Reserving of the Bogue Movement Studio
-The Bogue Movement Studio is available for group use and can be reserved through the Wellness Center.
-Individuals interested in leading a group activity must meet with the Director of the Wellness Center and present a proposal for the activity and any relevant credentials (if applicable).
-Once an activity is approved, the leader must submit a request for day/time of activity. Scheduling is on a first-come/first-served basis, so it is recommended that group leaders submit scheduling requests as early in the semester as possible in order to obtain the desired time.
-Once the activity is scheduled, the group leader is provided with access to the Movement Studio key. The group leader is responsible for maintaining the security of the Movement Studio and the key.

Rules for the Use of the Bogue Movement Studio
-Street shoes and any hard-soled shoes are prohibited in the studio. The floor is designed and intended for use with bare feet.
-If any windows are opened during an activity, they must be shut and locked when the activity is over. If a group leader finds windows unlocked/open upon entering the room, please alert the Wellness Center.
-Under NO circumstances should any of the equipment in the Bogue Movement Studio leave the room (i.e. stereo equipment, yoga mats, blankets, aerobics equipment, etc.)
-When an activity is over, the group leader is responsible for closing and locking windows, turning off all lights and stereo equipment, checking all doors to ensure they are locked, and locking the main door.
-The key to the Bogue Movement Studio must be returned to the Wellness Center immediately after the activity is over to ensure it is available for the next activity.

Failure to observe and act in accordance with these rules will result in revocation of the privilege to use the Movement Studio. Any questions may be directed to the Director of the Wellness Center, x8376.
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