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Program Director: James Wright, Ph.D.
Division of Sciences & Outdoor Leadership

Program Offered:
  • Minor in Mathematics

Mathematics Minor
The study of mathematics not only enables students to learn mathematical principles and applications, but also to develop their ability to think logically and critically. Mathematics is important not only in the physical, biological, and social sciences, but in business, economics, and environmental studies as well. A mathematics background provides students a foundation for success in many other disciplines.

The mathematics minor provides a solid quantitative component to complement any major. A minor in mathematics also makes a student’s background more attractive to almost any employer, and helps prepare a student for graduate study or further study in medical, dental, veterinary, or law school.

Prior to initial enrollment all students, including transfer students, are required to take the mathematics placement exam unless they scored 490 or higher on the SAT mathematics section or 21 or higher on the ACT mathematics section or transfer in appropriate mathematics credit. The exam is designed to assess each student’s skill level in mathematics. The results along with SAT scores and prior courses are used to determine a Level of Proficiency (Levels 1-5). Placement into an appropriate course is then based on this level. Students are permitted to repeat the placement exam one time.

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