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Course Descriptions

Precalculus (MAT 1013)
This course provides the essential mathematical background needed to take calculus. Students should have had three to four years of college preparatory high school mathematics. The emphasis is on developing the concepts that play a central role in calculus by exploring ideas from graphical, numerical, algebraic, and oral perspectives. Prerequisite: Placement at Level 4 or permission of the instructor. 3 credits.

Introduction to Statistics (MAT 1015/ELA 1101)
This course explores the basic concepts of statistics: measures of central tendency, variation, estimating and inference. The focus of this course is on data analysis and making students better consumers of statistics. Exploration of these topics will make use of computer technology. Prerequisite: Placement at Level 4 or permission of the instructor. 3 credits.

Calculus I: Applications in Environmental Issues (MAT 1031)
This course presents the fundamentals of calculus through the modeling real world examples. Data from biology, medicine, ecology, education and social sciences is interpreted and modeled with mathematics. Calculus topics are taught in relation to the data sets and the context in which the data set arose, highlighting concepts and applications as they arise in different fields of research. This course emphasizes the role of technology in modeling and analyzing data by using calculators. Topics include rates of change, functions and graphs, differentiation, limits, accumulation functions, and integration. Prerequisite: C- or better in MAT 1013 Precalculus or placement at Level 4 or 5. 3 credits.

Calculus II (MAT 1032)
Topics include applications of integration, including use of integration in biology, business and statistics. In addition, multivariate calculus, including partial rates of change and multivariate optimization with and without constraints will be studied, as well as differential equations and numerical estimations. Prerequisite: C- or better in MAT 1031 Calculus I. 3 credits.

History of Mathematics (MAT 2001)
In this course the development of mathematics in a historical context will be studied. The evolution of mathematical ideas and the different views of mathematics held by different cultures at different times will be explored. 3 credits.

Topics in Mathematics (MAT 3000)
A seminar course in advanced mathematical topics such as fractals and chaos, geometry, number theory, or graph theory. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. 3 credits.

Mathematical Modeling I (MAT 3100)
The course is an introduction to the art of modeling and mathematical modeling. This course links the study of mathematics together with the applications of mathematics to various fields. Topics include: the modeling process, model fitting, discrete dynamical systems, deterministic and stochastic models, optimization, and systems of differential equations. Offered alternate fall semesters. Prerequisite: MAT 1031 Calculus I with a grade of C- or better or permission of instructor. 4 credits.

Mathematical Modeling II (MAT 3200)
This is a continuation of MAT 3100 Mathematics Modeling I. Prerequisite: C- or better in MAT 3100 Mathematics Modeling I. 4 credits.

Seminar in Mathematics (MAT 3500)
This is a seminar style course used to investigate one or more areas of mathematics. Students will read through various journal articles, gaining an understanding of the underlying mathematical theory along with an appreciation of the utility of mathematics. Topics will be selected to reflect the interests of the students and the instructor. Offered on demand. 1 credit.

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