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GMC Pre-Med/Pre-Vet Club

Green Mountain College is a campus full of diverse people, some of whom are interested in medical and veterinary sciences. Admission into medical and veterinary school is a long and difficult course. This process is made easier with a club designated to help students understand medical or veterinary school, including the requirements, studying for MCATS and other exams and understanding the application procedures.

The Pre-med/Pre-vet club is happy to support those students who wish to pursue a medical or veterinary career. For updates about upcoming events, meetings and trips, follow us on Facebook.

Our Mission
The Pre-med/Pre-vet club serves as an educational tool to aid in providing information to the students, faculty and the community with respect to medicine and veterinary science. The Pre-med/Pre-vet club will host educational fundraisers regarding the medical and veterinary fields at Green Mountain College and within our community. The funds from these events will help defray the costs of standardized testing for admission to medical or veterinary school, as well as assisting in compensation to tutors for study sessions for these tests. In addition, the club will bring awareness to the community about advancements in medicine and veterinary science which in return will promote and recognize these programs of study at Green Mountain College. The pre-med/pre-vet club welcomes all students who wish to pursue a career in any medical related field.

Here's a sampling of some events:

  • Visits to Medical/Veterinary School Campuses
  • Discussions with Admissions at said campuses
  • Practice MCAT/GRE questions
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • End of Semester De-stress Event

Contact Us
Lara Baxter, President
Charles Petrick, Vice President
Meriel Brooks, Faculty Advisor

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