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Casiana Arroyo '17

Fighting for What’s Right

For first-year student Casiana Arroyo the world seems full of possibility—and she meets it with an impressive level of ambition and foresight.

Casiana, a Springfield, Mass. native, covers four programs at Green Mountain College through her double major and double minor: she majors in Natural Resources Management (NRM) and Renewable Energy and Ecological Design (REED), and minors in Adventure Education and Animal Studies.

To simplify her intentions, she explained each major and minor’s potentiality: “With NRM, I’d really like to work managing resources at some point in my life, maybe for a state park. I’m interested in the environment and I’d like to make an impact and do research to help save it. Concerning REED, I’d like to build my own renewable-energy home some day and do ecological design projects in the future.”

“Adventure education helps me because I’m taking scuba diving right now, and I’d like to do underwater research, possibly at RPI. And for animal studies, maybe I can work at a zoo at some point. I have that choice then, maybe for more field work or research” she said.

Casiana is also an on-call Poultney Firefighter and has enlisted in the Vermont Air National Guard. “For the fall ’14 semester I’ll be in basic training; I’ll be in San Antonio, Texas for eight and a half weeks; I’ll spend four months in Ohio for Bio Environmental Engineering training; and then return to base in Burlington for 30 days of on-the-job training,” she said.

“Around winter break, I return home for a few weeks before spring semester. My degrees already help toward being a Bio Environmental Engineer, but after this I’ll have my degrees and six years of experience,” she said.

“I plan on returning to GMC after my semester off in basic training,” she said, “I hope to stay here for all four years. I really like it here.”

When asked about her future, Casiana said, “That’s the worst question for me. I have 18 million ideas.”

She’s considering going to officer school for the Air Guard and then perhaps to the police academy to train as an environmental police officer. “I’d like to use experience I gain in the field to further work in environmental policing. I’ll have the environmental background, and the law enforcement training to be successful, if that’s what I choose to do with my life,” she said.

Also on her bucket list? “I’d like get my Class-A skydiving license, and enjoy all the sights my father did when he went skydiving every day. I want to experience everything I can and have great memories,” she said.

By Tim Halteman ‘15

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