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Chris Thompson '16

A Body in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion

Chris Thompson, a native of Boxford, Mass., is a natural resource management (NRM) major with a insatiable hunger for the outdoors. He discovered Green Mountain College through his high-school guidance counselor and decided GMC was the right fit for him.

His interest in NRM was spurred by the realization that a chair-bound office job wouldn’t cut it. “I used to work at Market Basket, a grocery store. Before that I worked in an office, and I hated both of those jobs,” he said. “I realized I’d be happy if I worked outdoors."

Chris’s interest is currently piqued by the skills he is learning through John Van Hoesen’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) class. “If you’re interested in maps you can take GIS and learn to make your own. On spring break, I went to Mount Katahdin to use what I learned to make a map that displays where avalanche risks are,” he said.

“It’s cool I can do that after only taking the class for half a semester. John really helps you understand the software. It’s a different approach toward learning,” he said.

Chris is also an avid participant in the College's GreenMAP program, leading backcountry ski, snowboard, backpacking and ice-climbing trips. On campus, "home" is the recreational living floor.

“Is not an exclusive place--it’s just a cool community of people motivated to get outside and have fun.”

He is also taking advantage of the ceramics program at GMC.

“It’s definitely a good move to hang out in the ceramics studio. It’s a cool community. You can work all night if you’d like, and it’s an opportunity to work with materials and resources you otherwise wouldn’t have access to,” he said.

The allure of the West entices Chris to move from the East coast. “Right now I’m interested in Yellowstone and Yosemite,” he said, “Ideally I could work forestry for the summer months, and during winter I could work at a ski resort leading ski trips or doing ski patrol.”

By Tim Halteman ‘15

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