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September 16, 2009
Kevin Coburn, Director of Communications

GMC Establishes Green Jobs Program

POULTNEY, VT - Green Mountain College has announced that it will launch the Green Jobs Corp, a program that will create new opportunities for students to learn and practice sustainability skills.

"Sustainability is central to our curriculum and campus culture," said Green Mountain College Provost Dr. William Throop. "But there are many ways students can develop additional practical skills that touch on social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability."

The Green Jobs Corp will be phased in over a three-year period, with an initial focus on enhancing experiences of students already engaged in work-study jobs related to sustainability. Student crews at GMC oversee the College's recycling program, work on the farm crew, manage native plant communities, and lead trips to recreation and wilderness areas. The Green Jobs Corp will eventually create leadership positions for each crew - leaders will gain management experience and earn higher work-study wages.

Under the direction of human resources director Janie Evans and sustainability coordinator Amber Garrard, the program will expand the range of Green Job Corp positions in different areas of College operations. Jean Rheaume from the financial aid office is also involved in program support. "We see staff supervisors as very influential in engaging students in decision-making and increasing their sense of ownership of college operations," said Garrard.

The Green Jobs Program will also help the College achieve several near-term institutional goals, including climate neutrality by the year 2011. "Solid waste reduction is one element of our climate action plan to meet that target," said Garrard. "The recycling crew will play a role in developing ways for us to reduce waste on campus."

Green Mountain College is a four-year liberal arts college that takes the environment as a unifying theme for its 850 undergraduates in 21 major programs of study. GMC also offers two master's degrees: a master of science in environmental studies and a master of business administration (M.B.A.).


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