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June 29, 2011
Contact: Kevin Coburn, Director of Communications

Green Mountain College Summer Speaker Series

POULTNEY--Join us for these informal conversations with Green Mountain College professors on topics of local and national interest. All programs are free and open to the public and are held at The Station in Poultney or Sissy's in Middletown Springs.

July 6
Now Showing: A Tiny Theater Dreams Big
Paul Hancock
A movie theatre? In Poultney? Over 200 members of Poultney's Tiny Theatre give an emphatic "yes!" Learn about how a dedicated group of organizers from Poultney and Green Mountain College are establishing a lively and versatile cultural resource in downtown Poultney. Presented by GMC professor of economics Paul Hancock.
9-10 a.m, The Station

July 13
Green Science
Sue Sutheimer
Sue Sutheimer has a special interest in green chemistry: the design of chemical products that reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances. Green Mountain's new biomass plant presents one opportunity for Sue and her students-to come up with ways to reuse the ash by-product from burning woodchips. Find out how scientists consider the life cycle of their lab work-the toxic waste, harmful substances and energy use-and devise methods that reduce or eliminate the by-products.
9-10 a.m, The Station

July 19 Homestead Farming
Philip Ackerman-Leist
Millions were inspired by Scott and Helen Nearing's "back-to-the-land" movement in the 1950s and 60s. Philip Ackerman-Leist, director of the farm and Food Project at GMC and author of Up Tunket Road: The Education of a Modern Homesteader explains his contemporary take on the art and science of homesteading.
9-10 a.m., The Station

July 20
Grow Local, Eat Local
Eleanor Tison
Eleanor Tison calls the GMC farm her "living laboratory" - a place where academia and contemporary food issues meet with the campus and community. Learn from Eleanor about the new Stone Valley Co-op and the potential it has to build a strong local food movement. Eleanor is assistant professor of anthropology and sustainable agriculture at Green Mountain.
9-10 a.m, The Station

July 27
Eco-Friendly Furniture
Lucas Brown
A skilled and imaginative designer, Lucas Brown specializes in making sensible use of local and recycled building materials. Learn about Lucas' approach to making furniture that results in products that are beautiful, functional, and cheap. Lucas is a designer who directs the College's Renewable Energy & EcoDesign Certificate (REED) program.
9-10 a.m., The Station

July 30
Land Ownership in the Northern Forest
James Harding
The Northern Forest spans 26 million acres from New York to Maine. Since 1980, 23.6 million acres have been sold, and many acres have been sold multiple times. Two trends are revealed with these sales: larger acreage sales are being replaced by smaller acreage sales. Also, we've seen a large shift from industry owned lands to other owner types-typically financial investors. Learn more about how these trends affect the environment and all landowners in the northeast.
9-10 a.m, Sissy's

August 3
Why Doing Good Means Doing Well
Karen Fleming
Pursuing personal and business success while making the world a better place. Is it possible to do both? Karen Martinsen Fleming, director of the Sustainable MBA Program at Green Mountain College, held executive positions at Seventh Generation and Stonyfield Farm as well as management positions at traditional consumer packaged goods companies. Get some practical advice on how to make your business greener-and more profitable.
9-10 a.m, The Station

August 7
The Electric Drive Revolution
Steve Letendre
Dr. Letendre is an expert on green energy technologies, from solar to hybrid electric vehicles. He has published over 40 technical papers on a variety of energy topics. His most recent work focuses on the grid impacts of a growing fleet of plug-in hybrid and all electric vehicles. His work on the vehicle-to-grid concept is widely cited as it provides a fresh, innovative perspective on the value that plug-in cars can bring as energy storage systems.
4-5 p.m, Sissy's

August 10
A Lens on Nepal
Kevin Bubriski
Professor Kevin Bubriski came to Nepal at the age of 20 as a Peace Corps volunteer and stayed for five years, working in remote regions of the country. The experience left an indelible impression. An internationally renowned photographer, join Kevin for this presentation on the making of his latest book Maobadi. The photos were taken in the summer of 2010 in a vastly different country than the one Kevin inhabited during his Peace Corps years.
9-10 a.m., The Station

August 17
Culture Change in Contemporary China
Mark Dailey
Green Mountain College associate professor of anthropology Mark Dailey has studied and taught extensively in China. Learn from Mark's first-hand perspective about the breathtaking cultural changes happening in this country and what it means for the rest of the world.
9-10 a.m., The Station

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