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Japanese philosopher to discuss DU weapons

POULTNEY, VT – Nobuo Kazashi, a philosopher-activist from Hiroshima, Japan, hosts a public lecture at Green Mountain College on Thursday, November 15, at 4 p.m. in the East Room of Withey Hall.

His talk, entitled “Iraq War as Seen from Hiroshima: DU (Depleted Uranium) Weapons as the Nuclear Shadow,” will address how DU weapons, made from nuclear waste, are causing irreparable damage to humans and the environment in Iraq. The presentation will also include photos and a short documentary video.

Prof. Kazashi has been a leader in the campaign to ban DU weapons since December of 2002, when he visited hospitals and schools in Iraq to witness the damage inflicted by DU weapons during the 1991 Gulf War. As director of NO DU Hiroshima Project and coordinator for ICBUW (International Coalition To Ban Uranium Weapons), he is committed to raising awareness of an issue typically not covered by mainstream media.

For the 2007-08 academic year, Prof. Kazashi is a visiting Fulbright Scholar at Harvard University. A professor of philosophy at Kobe University, he specializes in contemporary philosophy, American philosophy, and modern Japanese thought.

Prof. Kazashi’s three-day visit as guest philosopher at Green Mountain College is sponsored by the GMC Speaker’s Bureau and the following academic departments: English, philosophy, communications and environmental studies.

For more information contact the Green Mountain College Office of Communications at 802-287-8311.

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