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Jacob Park

Associate Professor of Business Strategy & Sustainability

Ames Hall 106
One Brennan Circle
Poultney, VT 05764-1199
Email Address:
802-287-8330; Fax: 802-287-8080

Prof. Jacob Park, associate professor of business and public policy at Green Mountain College since 2002, specializes in the teaching and research of global environment & business strategy, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, and community-based entrepreneurship & innovation.

A former financial journalist with Fortune Magazine, global environmental policy advisor to Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and a United Nations research specialist on Asian environmental and urban development issues, he worked as a senior research consultant and Japanese and Asian equity specialist in the Governance and Socially Responsibility Investment Group of ISIS Asset Management, a London-based investment company.

An editorial/review board member of the Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Business Strategy and the Environment and the Greener Management International, his most recent book is the "Ecology of the New Economy: Sustainable Transformation of Global Information Technology, Communication, and Electronics Industries" (Greenleaf Publishing, 2002) and is currently working on two edited books, "Sustainable Global Governance", and "Ecological Modernization & Asia-Pacific."

Teaching & Mentoring

Business & Economics Courses:
Small Business Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Marketing
International Finance
Corporate Environmental Management
Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Studies Courses:
Building Sustainable Communities

Environmental Liberal Arts Courses:
A Delicate Balance
Economy and Society

Independent Studies/Internships Supervised:
Special Topics in International Finance
China and the Global Economy
Business Planning for a Community-Supported Agriculture Project
Strategic Marketing for a Vermont Wood Design and Products Company

Research & Professional Experiences

Professional Experiences:
University of Hong Kong Center for Urban Planning and Environmental Management- Visiting Professor, Corporate Environmental Governance Program May - July 2004

ISIS Asset Management- Senior Research Consultant, Japanese and Asian Equities Governance and Socially Responsible Investment 1999 - 2004

University of Maryland Department of Government and Politics- Research Scholar, Harrison Program on the Future Global Agenda 1999 - 2002

United Nations: UN University-Institute of Advanced Studies- Environmental and Urban Development Specialist/Research Associate 1994 - 1998

University of Tokyo- Research Fellow, Department of Urban Engineering 1996 - 1997

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Global Environmental Affairs Office- Policy Advisor/Analyst 1993 - 1995

Fortune Magazine- Researcher-Reporter 1988-1990

Research Projects:
Lead Author, Global Scenarios Working Group, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (2003-Present)

Co-Editor, Ecological Modernization and Asia-Pacific Project, Center of Urban Planning and Environmental Management, University of Hong Kong (2004-Present)

Fellowships & Professional Activities:

Senior Fellow, Environmental Leadership Program (2000-Present)

International Policy Board, Greening of Industry Network (2000-Present)

Board of Directors, Center for Environmental Citizenship (2002-Present)

Steering Committee, North American Green Purchasing Initiative (2003-Present)

Commission on Ecosystem Management, IUCN/World Conservation Union (2004-Present)

Fellow, Salzburg Seminar (2001 and 2002)

Research Grants & Awards Received:

American Council on Germany (John J. McCloy Fellowship in Environmental Affairs, 2004-2005)

Vermont Community Foundation (Grant: "Connecting the Local and the Global: Towards a New Ecological and Social Understanding of Agricultural and Natural Resources Management Practices" Project, 2003)

German Marshall Fund (U.S.-Spain Leadership Program Fellowship, 2001)

Japan Foundation/Center for Global Partnership (Grant: "U.S.-Japan Environmental Technology Cooperation Project", 1995-1996)

Starr Foundation (MIT-Japan Program Fellowship, 1993-1994)

Selected Lectures & Presentations

"Forging Community-based Sustainable Enterprises: Perspectives from the Green Mountain State", Presentation at the Center for Research on Vermont Seminar Series, University of Vermont, November 10 2004

"Towards a New Connected Understanding of Environmental and Natural Resources Management", Presentation at the 38th Annual Conference of the New England Environmental Education Alliance, October 16 2004

"China and Sustainable Development in an Age of Consumptive Globalization", Presentation at the Environmental Studies Lecture Series, Bowdoin College, September 27 2004

"New Directions in Sustainability & Business: Creating and Managing Actionable Knowledge", Professional Development Workshop Presentation, 2004 Annual Conference of the Academy of Management, August 7 2004

"Building New Models of Community-based Sustainable Enterprises", Presentation at the 2004 Sustainable Communities Conference, July 15 2004

"Socially Responsible Investments and Emerging Markets", Presentation at the Third Annual Green Mountain Summit on Investor Responsibility Conference, May 25 2004

"Making the Connection: Environment, Social Justice, and Community", Presentation at the 14th Annual North American Interdisciplinary Conference on Environment and Community, February 20, 2004

"Challenges of Integrating Sustainability in the Management Curriculum: A Global Perspective", Presentation at the 2003 Greening of Industry Network Conference, October 13-14 2003

"Corporate Governance and Responsibilities: A Global Perspective", Keynote Speech at the Corporate Environmental Governance Conference, Hong Kong, October 8, 2003

"Towards a Strategy of Stakeholder Engagement", Presentation at the Corporate Sustainability Conference, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, June 6-7 2002

"Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investing in Asia", Presentation at the US-Asia Environmental Policy Forum, May 29 2002

"Japan, Globalization, and its Challenges", Presentation at the Kansai American Center, Japan, September 10 2001

"Emerging Pressures for Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility: Implications for Chinese Companies", Presentation at the Verite Suppliers Workshop, China, March 16 2001

The New Bottom Line: Environmental and Social Responsibility in the Global Marketplace", Environment and Society Colloquium Series, Clark University, February 20 2001.

"Global Governance, Corporations, and Climate Change", Presentation at the Globalization and Ecological Security Conference, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars, November 16-17 2000.

"Business of Global Climate Change", Presentation at the UNU/UNITAR Series on Sustainable Development in Practice Session on Climate Change Governance: COP6 and the Kyoto Protocol Negotiations, United Nations, November 7 2000.

"Future of Corporate Governance and Sustainable Commerce in China," Presentation at the PACE 2000 Workshop on "Policy Reform and the Environment in China", World Bank, August 31-September 2 2000.

"Changing Role of Corporate Governance and Responsibilities in East Asia", Presentation at the Corporate Governance & Corporate Responsibilities in Developing Economies, York University, Canada, April 17-18 2000.

"Next Generation of Sustainable Technologies: Information Technology and Global Change", Presentation at the Asian Technology Information Program, Japan, December 2 1999.

"Measuring Business Sustainability: Toward an Integrated Framework of Social, Environmental, and Economic Indicators", Presentation at the Open Meeting of the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Research Community, Japan, June 24-26 1999.

"Globalization, Sustainable Forest Management, and the Firm: Implications for Environmental and Land Use Change in Southeast Asia", Presentation at the Environmental Services and Land Use Change Workshop, Thailand, May 31-June 2 1999.

Selected Publications

Ecological Globalization and Asia-Pacific, Jacob Park, Peter Hills, and Richard Welford, co-editors (Forthcoming)

Sustainable Global Governance, Ken Conca, Matthias Finger, and Jacob Park, co-editors (Forthcoming)

Ecology of the New Economy: Sustainable Transformation of Global Information, Communication, and Electronic Industries, Jacob Park and Nigel Roome, co-editors (Greenleaf Publishing, 2002)

Peer-Reviewed Articles:
"Business and Human Rights: Mixing Profit and Principles in the Global Marketplace" Journal of Corporate Citizenship, Spring 2004, 24-27.

"Private Interest, Public Responsibility: Managing Business and Sustainable Development in a Globalizing Economy" Environmental Change and Security Project Report, 2004, Issue 8, 29-33.

"Unbundling Globalization: Agent of Policy Convergence" International Studies Review, Spring 2002, 4:1, 230-233.

"Managing Globalization for Sustainability in the 21st Century" (co-authored with Minna Halme and Anthony Chiuh) Business Strategy and Environment 2002, 11: 81-89.

"Global Sustainability and the Information Economy: Old Challenges, New Perspectives" (co-authored with Nigel Roome), Greener Management International, 2002, Issue 32: Winter, 24-32.

"Japan's Electric Power Industry: Responding to the Challenge of 3Es" Energy Policy, 2000, 27:15, February, 883-887.

"Ecological Stewardship in Japanese Firms" Corporate Environmental Strategy, Spring 1998, 5:3 Spring.

"Building a Sustainable Development Educational and Research Agenda" Asian Perspective, 1997, November.

"APEC and ASEAN: The Future of Asian Environment Regionalism", 1997 Environmental Politics, Fall 1997, 6:3.

"Joint Implementation Under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change", Review of European Community and International Environment Law, Vol. 15, No. 2, June 1996, 188-189.

"Japanese Policy on Climate Change", Social Science Japan, August 1995, 32.

Book Chapters, Monographs, & Working Papers:

"Beyond Good Intentions: Investment Strategy and Sustainability" in John Hooker and Peter Madsen, co-editors, International Corporate Responsibility: Exploring the Issues (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2005)

"Global Climate Change: Policy Challenges, Policy Responses" in Dennis Pirages and Ken Cousins, co-editors, Assessing Limits to Growth: From Environmental Scarcity to Ecological Security (MIT Press, 2005)

"Improving the Management of Sustainable Development: Towards a New Strategic Framework for Large Developing Countries: China, India, and Indonesia", United Nations University/Institute of Advanced Studies Policy Brief (UN University, 2002)

"Governing U.S. Climate Change Policy: From Scientific Obscurity to Political Prominence" in Paul Harris, Editor, Climate Change and American Foreign Policy (St. Martins Press, 2000).

"Sustainability and Higher Education in Asia-Pacific" (co-authored with Ted Tschang) in Walter Leal Filho (editor), Universities and Sustainable Life (Peter Lang Publishers, 1999).

"Politics and Business of Sustainable Development in Japan", Working Paper Series, Japan Industry and Management of Technology Program, IC2 Institute, University of Texas (Austin, TX: JIMT Program, 1999)

"Global Threats and Opportunities" (co-authored with Tarcisio Della Senta) in Matti Palo and Jussi Uusivuori, co-editors, World Forests, Society, and Environment (Dordrecht, Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999)

"The World Wide Fund for Nature: Financing a New Noah's Ark" in Helge Ole Bergesen and Georg Parman, co-editors, Green Globe Yearbook, (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 1997).

"Globalization and Mega-city Development in Pacific Asia", UN University - Institute of Advanced Studies Working Paper No. 30, (Tokyo: UNU-IAS, 1997).

Essays & Book Reviews:

Review Essay: "Economic Leadership", Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy, 2002.

"Globalization After Seattle", The Washington Quarterly, 23:2 pp. 13-16, Spring 2000.

"The Paradox of Paradise", Environment, Vol. 41, No. 8, October 1999, pp. 4-5.

"Early Action: How Much Should Companies Be Rewarded for Acting Early?",Joint Implementation Quarterly, Vol. 5, No. 3, September 1999, 8.

"Global Governance, Institutions, and the Tragedy of the Commons", Ethics, Place, & Environment, Vol. 2, No. 2, Fall, 1999.

"The Other Asian Crisis", Washington Quarterly, Vol. 22, No. 2, Spring 1999, pp. 7-9.

"Business and Environment: A Reluctant Partnership," EcoDecision, Issue 24, Spring 1997.

Book Review: "China's Environmental Crisis: An Enquiry into the Limits of National Development", Pacific Affairs, Vol. 68, No. 3, November 1995.

Review Essay: "U.N. and the Environment: The Next Fifty Years," Pacifica Review, Vol. 7, No. 2, November 1995, pp. 171-175.

Research Reports:

"Financing Sustainability: Towards a New Strategy of Investing in Environmental and Social Development", Report Prepared for the United Nations University's Inter-Linkages Project, 2002.

"Green Energy for the 21st Century: A Report on Waste-to-Energy and Renewable Energy Market Trends in the U.S., Reports Prepared for Mitsubishi International Corp, 1999-2001.

"Energy After Kyoto: Opportunities and Challenges for the US, Japan, and Germany", Report Prepared for the University of Maryland's Harrison Program on the Future Global Agenda, January 1998.

"Beyond Greening: Corporate Environmental Management Strategies in the Asia Pacific region", Report Prepared for Sustainable Asset Management, May 1997.

"U.S. - Japan Environment Policy Cooperation", Report Prepared for the Project on International Cooperation in Environmental Technologies (Japan Foundation - Center for Global Partnership), July 1996.

Conference & Workshop Papers:

"Socially Responsible Investing: Steering the Global Financial Market Toward a New Ethical Architecture?", Paper Prepared for the Second International Conference on Corporate Responsibility, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 18 2004.

"Beyond Fairness: Towards a New Strategy of Climate Equity, Justice, and Governance", Presentation at the Just Climate? Pursuing Environmental Justice in the Face of Global Climate Change Conference, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan, March 27 2004.

"Ten Years After Rio: Globalization and Sustainability", Paper Prepared for the Annual Conference of the International Studies Organization, March 24-27 2002.

"Governing the Commons: Can the Interests of All the Stakeholders be Protected?", Paper Prepared for the Annual Conference of the International Studies Organization, March 24-27 2002

"Greening the Information Revolution: Policy and Business Implications for Asia-Pacific", Paper Prepared for the Internet Political Economy Forum, National University of Singapore, September 14-15 2001.

" Governing Multinationals: Diffusing Corporate Responsibility in the Global Responsibility", Paper Prepared for the 2001 Annual Conference of the Academic Council of United Nations System, Mexico,
June 16-17 2001.

"From Environment to Sustainability: Japanese Corporations and the 'Green' Bottom Line", Paper Prepared for the Promotion of Sustainable Development in East Asia Workshop, University of Maryland, March 8-9 2001.

"Business and Sustainability: The Next Frontier", Paper Prepared for the Global Foundation's Asia-Pacific Roundtable at Georgetown University, November 28-29 2000.

"New Directions in Energy Policy - Deregulation and Re-regulation of Energy Markets", Paper Prepared for the 5th Annual Energy Experts Meeting in Berlin, Germany, June 17-20 2000.

"Mainstreaming Sustainable Commerce in Southeast Asia: Issues and Prospects", Paper Prepared for the 8th Southeast Asia Business Conference, University of Michigan Business School, May 13-14 2000.

"Corporate Reputation Built on Sustainable Business Drivers", Paper Prepared for the Annual Conference of the Academy of Management, August 9 1999.

"Japan and the Global Environment", Paper Prepared for the Japan Industry and Management of Technology Program, IC2 Institute, University of Texas, January 29 1999.

"The Culture and Values of a Sustainable Business", Paper Prepared for the 6th Pacific Environment Conference, East-West Center, October 23-24 1997.

"Understanding Japan's Environmental Policy and Management: Finding Green Information", Paper Prepared for the Fifth International Conference on Japan Information in Science, Technology, and Commerce, July 30 - August 1 1997.

"Regional Cooperation in Research and Training for Sustainable Development", Paper Prepared for the APEC Conference on Academic Cooperation in Asia-Pacific, Japan, March 24-25, 1997.

News Articles & Op-Ed Commentaries:

"Venture Capital Needed to Sustain Recovery", Nikkei Weekly, October 8 2001, p. 7

"Cyberjunk and the Earth", International Herald Tribune, July 30 2001, pg. 8

"Forsaking the Smithsonian Mission", Washington Post, May 6 2001, B8

"Japanese Firms Need to Act on Green Agenda," Nikkei Weekly, July 31 2000, p. 6

"Power Grab at the Plant on the Hill", Washington Post, July 30 2000, p. B8

"Corporate Social Responsibility Is Still a Vague Notion", Toronto Globe & Mail, May 30 2000

"Growing a Green Business", MSNBC.Com, April 21 2000

"Green Funds Could Signal Change"Nikkei Weekly, December 27-January 3 2000, p. 7

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