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Frank Pauzé

Director of the Resort Management Program; Professor of Business & Economics

One Brennan Circle
Poultney, VT 05764-1199
Email Address:
Pager: 283-4556; Fax: 802-287-8080

M.B.A. Finance, Boston College, 1978.
B.S. Hotel Administration, University of New Hampshire, 1976.

Faculty Experience
Wilmington College, Dpt of Economics, 1997 - 2000
Ralph J. Stolle Chair in Free Enterprise (97-00)

Franklin University, College of Business, 1993-2000
Adjunct Professor, Strategic Management & Policy (95-00)
Coordinator, Strategic Management & Policy (95-96)
Chairperson, Hospitality Management (93-95)

Ohio State University, College of Human Ecology, 1984-1994
Director, Hospitality Management (86-94)
Asst. Director, Hospitality Management (84-86)

Mercyhurst College, Dept of Business, 1978-1984
Chairman, Hotel & Restaurant Management (82-84)
Associate Chair, Business Administration (80-82)
Asst. Professor, Hotel & Resort Management (78-80)

Senior Management
Chief Oper. Officer, Restaurant Management Services, Inc., Columbus, OH, 1992-1993
Casual dining and food courts, regional malls. Established concept and minority owner in restaurant development company. Parent company in commercial/retail estate development. Two casual dining concepts, Rugby's Grille and its (Nooz) Grille. Food court concept, Monterey Jack's ($6.6 mm annual volume).

President, The Four Seasons Catering Co., Columbus, OH, 1989-1991
Advisor and eventual partner in a restaurant management and catering company started by two former students. Based in a all suites hotel property (50 rooms). From start up to a going concern with revenues in excess of $350K/Yr in first year; dissolved after 18 months so that partner could apprentice in Europe. Partner won a full culinary apprenticeship/scholarship upon Pauze's recommendation.

President, Hockey Future Ohio, Columbus Ohio, 1997-Present
Trustee and founder of a 501(C)(3) organization devoted to the development of amateur hockey in the central Ohio area. Coordination of clinics, camps, schools, and tournaments for youth and adult hockey players, coaches and families.

President & Advisor, Columbus Junior Hockey, LLC, Columbus, OH, 1998-Present
Trustee, founder and academic advisee for a Junior level hockey team, the first such team in the central Midwest. Annual operating budget=$150,000. Coordination of 25 players, a coaching staff of 6 and over 25 volunteers.

President, Columbus Chill Youth Hockey Association, Dublin, Ohio, 1997-Present
Trustee, president and coach for a youth hockey organization on a volunteer basis. 350 players and families, 9 board members, 12 officers and over 75 coaches/volunteers. Brought organization from being in the "red" to a surplus of $20,000 in the first year.

Hospitality Industry Experience
Administrative/General Management
Chief Oper Officer, Restaurant Management Services, Columbus, OH
President, Four Seasons Catering Co., Columbus, OH
Asst. General Manager, Sheraton Tara Hotels, Braintree, MA
Maintenance Supervisor, Sheraton Tara Hotels, Braintree, MA

Front of the House
Marketing & Sales Associate, Howard Johnson's 57, Boston, MA
Marketing & Sales Associate, Sheraton Boston, Boston, MA
Marketing & Sales Associate, Sheraton Tara Hotels, Braintree, MA
Sales Blitz Leader, Marriott -- Key Bridge, Washington, DC
Sales Blitz Leader, Pickett Suites Hotel, Tampa, FL
Sales Blitz Leader, Sheraton New York, New York, NY
Sales Blitz Leader, Pickett Suites Hotel, Memphis, TN
Sales Blitz Leader, Pickett Suites Hotel, Columbus OH

Desk Clerk, Night Audit, The Exeter Inn, Exeter, NH
Desk Clerk, Night Audit, The New England Center, Durham, NH
Bellman, Concierge, The Exeter Inn, Exeter, NH

Back of the House
Storeroom Manager, Sheraton Tara Hotels, Braintree, MA
Bartender, Barback, Sheraton Tara Hotels, Braintree, MA
Line Cook -- saute/broiler, Sheraton Tara Hotels, Braintree, MA
Line & Prep Cook, The Exeter Inn, Exeter, NH
Contract Foodservice, Saga/Marriott, Kalamazoo, MI

Faculty Advisor -- Hospitality Student Operated Business & Organizations
Student Operated Businesses
Contract Foodservice, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
The Faculty Club, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Student Union Foodservice, Mercyhurst College, Eric, PA
Catering & Sales, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Catering & Sales, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Faculty Club Catering, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Student Fund Raising Dinners, The Ohio State University, OH

Students Associations
Hotel & Restaurant Mgt Association, Mercyhurst College, PA
Eta Sigma Delta Honorary Society, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Hotel & Restaurant Mgt Assoc, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Hotel Management Assoc, Franklin University, Columbus, OH
Assoc of Collegiate Entrepreneurs, Franklin University, OH
Students in Free Enterprise, Franklin University, OH
Students in Free Enterprise, Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH

Refereed Publications
Pause', E.F."Time for a New Mission in Hospitality Education?" The Hospitality Educator, May 1993
Pauze', E.F. & Choate, B.E.; "Philanthropic Strategy for Hospitality Education"; Hospitality Education and Research Journal; Vol 13 Number 3, 1989
Pauze', E.F., Johnson W.A. & Miller, J.A.; "Internship Strategies for Hospitality Management Programs" Hospitality Education and Research Journal; Vol 13 Number 3, 1989
Pauze', E.F. "Maintenance Management in the Hospitality Property" Introduction to the Hospitality Industry: A Book of Readings, 1979 Kendall Hunt Publishing Dubuque, IA

Working Drafts & Ongoing Research
"The Business Plan as a Failure Predictor for New Ventures in the Food Service and Lodging Industry"
"Gulick's Matrix: So what deles is old?" Academy of Management Review asked to revise/resubmit
"The Effectiveness of Menu Engineering as an LSM Tool in a Fast Food Management District"
"The Fast Food Industry: Twenty-Five Years of Strategic Choice"
"Couponing and Capture Rate Effect on Sales Mix in a Fast Food Company"

Invited Presentations- Conferences
"Menu Engineering as an LSM Strategy in Quick Service Restaurants" (1992)
"POP Signage Effectiveness in QSR" (1992)
"The Longitudinal Effects of Internship Training" (1990)
"Philanthropic Strategy for Hospitality Education" (1989)
"Internship Strategy for Hospitality Education" (1989)
"Internships: Status Check and Panel Discussion" (1988)

Invited Guest Speaker
American Culinary Federation: Columbus Chapter, CHRI
Columbus Hotel Association, Columbus Chef's Association
Florida Hotel Assoc. (Collier County Florida), National Restaurant Association
OARDC/Extension Annual Meeting, Ohio Hotel & Motel Association
Ohio Restaurant Association, Ohio Home Econ Alumni Assoc
Ohio Department of Education, Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society

Regional and National Professional Associations:
ACBSP: North Central Region (Franklin University representative)
Ohio Hotel & Motel Association, Facilitator: Strategic Management Process & Retreat
Ohio Restaurant Association, Educational Committee
Columbus Hotel Association
Central Ohio Restaurant Association
CHRIE: (Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education), Nominated for Treasurer of CHRIE, Internship Committee, By Laws Committee
ACPHA: (Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration), Accreditation Committee: 1982-90, Founding member of ACPHA, Commissioner: 1989-92, Chair: Bye Laws Committee: 1989-90
CAPHA: (Committee for Accreditation for Two-Year Programs), Committee member: 1989-1991 Four-Year Representative
MUCIA: (Midwest Univ Consortium for Int'l Activity), Travel & Tourism Committee
Ohio Home Economics Association: Food/Nutrition Chair

Institution Committee Service
Wilmington College
Strategic Action Plan: Faculty
Committee on Faculty
Athletic Committee

Franklin University
Advisory Boards Established: New Venture Review Board, CEO Board: Hospitality Mgt, Mid Mgt Board: Hospitality Mgt
Committees: University Academic Council, University Curriculum, University International Business, University Adult Degree Appeals, University Committee Nominations, Sat/Weekend College Development, Prof & Individ Studies Program, Program Expenditure: Financial Reporting and MIS, Math in Bsn: Design & Development
Students Association Advising: Student In Free Enterprise, Assoc. of Collegiate Entrepreneurs

Ohio State University
Advisory Boards Established: CEO Board: Hospitality Management, Middle Mgt Board: Hospitality Management
University: Faculty Club: Building Committee, 300th Commencement, Task Forces: Minority Development, Articulation Agreements Freshmen Recruitment, Board of Directors: The Ohio Unions, Nominated as Treasurer
College: OCES (Extension) Advisory Board, Speakers Bureau
Department: Self Study Committee, Internal Review Committee, Undergraduate Committee, Faculty Development (Chair), Faculty Workload Committee, Faculty Search Committee (Chair), Hospitality Curriculum Committee (Chair)

Professional Awards and Recognition
Ohio State University
Dean's Award- College of Home Economics (First Recipient)
OSU College of Human Ecology- Outstanding Teacher: Nominated three years in a row
CHRIE Outstanding Educator (Nominated for First Award)
HMA Faculty &Advisor Awards
Who's Who (Midwest & East)

Teaching and Classroom Style
Pauze had been in the front of the collegiate classroom for over twenty years. He has seen his philosophy grow with each and every new class. Pauze' believes in the Socrates Method, a style that sets the stage for a true inquiry into the subject matter between all participants. His students evaluations have consistently returned with three overall comments: the workload is heavy, but that the students have fun and learn.
Frank's teaching style has been cited as being "devil's advocate" in nature. Pauze' sees himself as an enzyme in the learning process. He involves all participants in the discussion, constantly probing, eliciting and challenging views from the students. The students are forced to reason and respond critically in an intellectually responsible manner. Pauze' strives to pose facilitating and direct questions that will aid in the individual student's though process.
The intended result of such a delivery method is simply at the students synthesize the material, theories and applications into a personal philosophy that will frame their future decision-making. Frank has found the Socratic process to be both stimulating and productive for all parties, students and faculty.

Areas of Research Interest
Pauze's experience and background in the academy has placed him in "teaching" positions rather than that as researcher. Even in his ten years at The Ohio State University, Pauze's assignments were heavily weighted on programming development and teaching. This does not, however, prevent him from continuing the research effort.
Pauze's research endeavors have been devoted to strategy within the hospitality industry and small businesses within that service sector. Research efforts and data gathering have been focused on unit level factors as contributors to overall strategies for the organization in that hospitality environment.
Pauze's current investigations closely align with the dissertation focus. His main area of interest is in the exploration of the mechanisms by which hospitality organizations strategize, implement and perform.

Dissertation Advisors & Topic
Pauze's major advisor for the PhD is Dr. Wayne Johnson, Director of Hospitality Management at The Ohio State University. Frank is also working with Dr. H.G. Parsa, Associate Professor in Hospitality Management at The Ohio State University. Dr. Parsa is the 2000 recipient of two research awards within CHRIE (Council of Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education).
Pauze will be researching models and processes of strategy implementation within the lodging industry.

Personal Data
77 University Street
Westerville, Ohio 43081
Phone: (614)895-0558, Fax: (614)818-0039, E-mail:
Frank has two sons, Erik (born in 1981) and Chris (born in 1987)
He is active in hockey, Youth & High School coach, Board member and Officer, Academic advisor for Junior B Team (16-20yr olds)

Sample: Consulting
The Longaberger Company, Dresden, OH
The Longaberger Company is in the process of developing and managing a hotel for its many visitors. Location is in Newark, Ohio. Project involves the education and development of the management staff on the operations and strategic dev elopement of the hotel property.

Donatos Pizza Inc., Columbus, OH
Design and delivery of management developement programs for middle and upper mgt. Concentration on critical thought process, and the ability to think in a multiple business setting. Designed for store managers and district supervisors in preparation for career advancement.

Ohio Hunger Task Force, Columbus, OH
Design and development of the strategic plan to increase the participation rate of sponsors and children in the Summer Food Service Program in the State of Ohio. Strategic development and coordination of a diverse number of sponsors (103 in 1995) serving over 40,000 hungry children each day.

Ohio Hotel & Motel Assoc., Columbus, OH
Designed and facilitated the strategic planning process and business plan for this lodging association. Coordination of research, date analysis & interpretation as well as two-day retreat to develop the master strategic plan for the organization's growth and allocation of resources.

The Glimcher Co., Columbus, OH
Design and 18-month development of a restaurant management company to oversee the growth and development of in line restaurants.

NCR Corporation (World Headquarters), Dayton, OH
Developed, presented and coordinated a weeklong seminar for NCR executives: indoctrination into the hospitality industry, quick service and casual dining segments. Seminar was repeated for three successive years until At&T takeover of NCR.

Nationwide Insurance Enterprise, Columbus, OH
Shared services and outsourcing have become the norm for many industries. The insurance and financial services sector is no different. The project is to educate and develop management in the area pf business planning and strategic management for the newly created Nationwide Enterprise Shared Services, Inc. Contract from 1997-2002.

Sample: Pro-Bono Consulting
Franklin University Consulting (service)
Ohio Hotel & Motel Assoc; Strategic Planning New Ventures Development (2 groups)
Donatos Pizza: Multi Unit Assessment System

Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce, Columbus, OH
Volunteer counselor for the Small Business Development Center and Small Business Management Group.

Harmony House (charter school), Cincinnati, OH
Strategic market planning for a charter school project.

Columbus Chill Youth Hockey Association, Dublin, OH
Surveyed, analyzed and summarized responses from families with respect to the organization's strategic direction. Facilitated several strategic retreats for Board members. Developed strategic plan for the organization.

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