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AGORA Philosophy Club

Agora means "marketplace" - in this context, the club gatherings represent a marketplace of ideas. The goal of the club is to provide a safe, respectful space for philosophical discourse. All interested students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate.

Philosophy Journal Requests Undergrad Papers
Ball State University's Stance, an undergraduate philosophy journal, requests submissions.

Submission Guidelines:
Stance welcomes papers concerning any philosophical topic. Current undergraduates may submit a paper between 1500 and 3500 words in length (footnotes may extend the word limit 500 words at most). Stance asks that each undergraduate submit only one paper to the journal per year. Papers should avoid unnecessary technicality and strive to be accessible to the widest possible audience without sacrificing clarity or rigor. They are evaluated on the following criteria: depth of inquiry, quality of research, creativity, lucidity, and, most importantly, originality.

For more information and for submission instructions, visit

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