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Course Highlights

New LINKED course for Spring 2010:  "The Problem of Evil," taught by Prof. Heather Keith (philosophy), and the "Psychology of Evil," taught by Prof. Jennifer Sellers (psychology).  Students enroll in both courses, and will explore the darkest depths of human nature (as well, perhaps, as shining examples of human goodness).  The "Problem of Evil" will discuss topics such as whether torture is ever justified and why a good God creates tragedy for nice people.

Animal Ethics Interviews:  this e-book, written and edited entirely by students in Philosophy 3025, is a series of interviews with faculty and staff regarding their views about the use and consumption of animals.

religion studentsReligion Students Visit Mosque, Plan Dialogue
From the GMC Journal
Week of September 14, 2009

From mosques and Jewish centers to Hindu temples, GMC students in two of Prof. Mary Jane Maxwell’s (history & religious studies) classes are learning about world religions through experience and ongoing dialogue. Recent field trips have taken them to places of worship in Albany and Rutland, and upcoming campus events promise to bring religious leaders to campus.

After a visit to the Al-Fatemah Islamic Center in Albany, students remarked that they were most impressed by the mosque’s openness, warmth, generosity, hospitality, and especially their overall message of peace. This is the second year that GMC students have traveled to Al-Fatemah and the newfound friendship has resulted in an exchange of speakers between the Albany Muslim community and GMC.

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