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Below is a list of speakers the philosophy program has recently hosted at Green Mountain College.

Chae Young Kim
Sogang University, South Korea
Talk Title: "Korea's New Shamanism"
November 2009

Nobuo Kazashi
University of Kobe
"The Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons Movement"
Philosophy in Action Series
November 2007

John Walker
Nebraska Wesleyan University
"Aesthetics of the Blues" (lecture/performance)
Philosophy in Action Series
September 2007

Randall Auxier
Southern Illinois University
"Killing Kenny: Our Daily Dose of Death"
(South Park and Philosophy)
March 2007

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
Dartmouth College
"Moral Psychology"
April 2007

Andrew Light
University of Washington
"The Urban Blind Spot in Environmental Ethics"
November 2004

Jennifer McErlean
Siena College
"Leopold and the Philosophers"
November 2004

Christopher Preston
University of Montana
"The Promise and Threat of Nanotechnology: An Environmental Ethics Perspective"
February 2004

Mary Louise Bringle
Brevard College
"Jaded Green: The Demoralization of Envy"
April 2003

Paul Thompson
Michigan State University
"Is Agricultural Biotechnology Compatible with Sustainable International Development?"
April 2003

John Visvader
College of the Atlantic
"Meditations on a Chinese Garden"
March 2003


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